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The Pandemic and Us..

The Pandemic and Us..

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It was the beginning of '20 when I realised that Corona was not just synonymous to a crown.China was troubled with it. We friends discussed about it, thought it to be not that big an issue, like Ebola and other viruses; naive, not imagining in the slightest what havoc it was about to cause in the entire world. The nation acknowledged the inception of the Novel Corona Virus. And since then nothing remained the same! 

I considered lockdown a boon, a medium to escape the everyday rush, to spend time with family and to just live life in its taste and zing. Dalgona coffee, brownie and what not ! Art, craft, music,reading and much more. All the books from the shelf saw sunlight and smiled. The hobbies deep in the corner of heart felt heard and life was satisfactory to the core. The needle on the weighing scale shifted to the right, the jeans became tight. The lockdown was relaxed in mid-April. It rose and fell throughout '20. The pandemic caused its own long lasting effects on the different aspects of, not only the nation, but throughout the globe. Economy saw its fall, the health and welfare sector experienced a burden unprecedented. A lot of people like labourers, workers and daliy-wage earners lost their means of income.

The grief of losing the subjects of the nation hung like mist over the entire nation.

It was in such conditions that people realised the value of their everyday schedules, their respective jobs, schools and colleges of students and such. Isn't it said that we never realise the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory! Well the phrase never felt truer than now! We never even dreamt that we'd see a day when we'd give anything to return back to our hectic schedule. 

However, the month of January '21 brought its own glory and fully-fledged vaccination drive began throughout the country. That brought a ray of hope and some relief to all of us. 

When this pandemic will get over, isn't known, but the 'new-normal' is definitely something that has come to stay. 

The nation, though, as a whole did perceive the many aspects of the health sector that could and should be improved in more ways than one. Also, light was thrown upon the fact that there are many holes and crevices in our governance that can be immensely worked upon. The pandemic is undoubtedly the most exceptional situation and it is in such exceptional situations that the governing capacity is tested. The manner in which such situations are dealt with or handled reflects the governig ability of the nation. The pandemic has affected all the parts of our society, not leaving any element unaffected.There are many kind hearted people who have retained humanity and have come forward to help others in their own way. 

The doctors, scientists, paramedical staff and health care workers, that is the 'Covid Warriors' cannot be thanked enough. All of us are grateful, and definitely and eternally in debt of them.

In such situations, we all realise Humanity, Kindness, Empathy, Compassion is what make us humans- the most intelligent mammal. It has taught us the importance of hygiene: personal and social, something we have learnt since childhood, but perhaps forgotten to practice. The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also the significance of 'Mental Health ' : the most neglected aspect of health is highlighted.

We all have, definitely, if not read, heard of the very well known "Diary of Anne Frank". It is relatable in some manner today as she took refuge of her own house to protect herself from the Nazis. Similarly, today we are taking refuge of our homes to protect ourselves from the 'Covid' (who is as ruthless as the Nazis). 

In her own words, and very optimistic perspective :

  " I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains."

Well, that's the spirit we need to retain and believe in the process while hoping for the best!

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