The Last Night With Moon

The Last Night With Moon

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Sobbed in dark corners of my home,

In balconies under the sky in presence of an only mate, the Moon,

Whose glimpse made my night less alone. Telling Him all those stories, the tears rolled soon. And wiping them off the face myself, I went on and on.

The loneliness and all the flaws were spoken freely, The troubles and lackings were blabbered endlessly,

For the Moon is a good listener, speaking to Him, all those fears left my mind slowly.

I told him, how trust is broken, how love feels like an empty illusion.

How betrayals come in numberless forms and in order to win a heart, how one completes infinite norms.

How situations dominate your dreams, how people avoid someone's screams.

How truth is mingled with lies, how each one protects a void inside.

The Moon replied me in form of musical poetries, He told that all these Stars are deaf and they don't grant any wish.

Sharing His tales he composed each heart beat, thus, Moon and Me, together had a voyage each night, which was such a bliss.

Then one night they found me chatting with myself and crying all alone. They asked me angrily, what was I into?

By looking up and pointing my index towards the sky, I told them "see there's is the Moon, He is my friend. He is the one I was speaking to!"

But no one believed me, they said, I was spending too much time in solitude, that I was imagining this nuisance in head which is going to make me go insane soon.

Hearing them, I almost cried, hiding the tears in my eyes, I made a loudest cry and asked the Moon not to stay quiet, and to tell them whatever the truth was! That how He became my life's most beautiful part!

But His lips were still, the Moon didn't made any move. When I looked around myself, I found many eyes staring at me and ran away from that place instantly.

Then after mourning enough in my room, I remembered once Moon told me, He had a frozen heart. Thus, got an answer for His unexpected silence...

Since then and till now, whenever I look up, the Moon still smiles at me and jf no one surrounds, I smile back at Him. Thus, we have our adoration on sharing same sights. We have secretly kept the promises and our bond too but we no more share same nights!

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