The Friendship Forever

The Friendship Forever

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True friends always help each other in their work, study, game, etc. Such friends always remain best friend. Shyam, Gopal, Ram and Shiva are one such friends which always help each other. Were they really good friends, let's see!

One sunny day, the friends were roaming and were gossiping about the final examinations . Suddenly, they found a paper. The paper was the map of a treasure. Ram, read aloud "Let's get an opportunity to get the treasure. We all will divide the treasure at last. "Everybody agreed and they followed the route of treasure. They found a lot of difficulty, but they didn't stop at all.

Finally, they had reached the treasury island and found three keys. Only one of them would open the treasure. The gold key, the silver key and the iron key. The friends choose the iron key because every thing that shines is not gold. They took the key and marched ahead. They found the treasure and opened it with the iron key. The key was correct!They found too many gold coins and decided to first count it. Shiva started counting"1, 2, 3, 4. . . . . . . . 12002, 12003, 12004, 12005. "They got to know that there were 12005 gold coins After a few time, they got to know that 1 gold coin can cost up to Rs. 10, 000!They started distributing and each got 3001 gold coins.

The problem finally arose, at last 1 gold coin was left. The two greedy people Shyam and Gopal started fighting for that 1 coin . Finally, they broke their friendship and went home. Ram and Shiva felt very bad. The next day, they made a plan to make Shyam and Gopal friends again.

They went to the beach and sprinkled oil in a circle . They called Shyam and told him to stand in between the circle. Shyam asked "Why. "Shiva told that every person standing here can be granted with a wish. . When Shiva said this, Ram went to call Gopal. When Shyam closed his eyes , Shiva quickly set on fire and hided in the bushes Meanwhile, Gopal had also arrived there Gopal saw his friend in trouble and quickly ran towards Shyam to get him out . They both were safe at last.

Shyam and Gopal felt guilty and asked sorry to each other. Shyam said"You can take the gold coin. You have saved my life and I am very thankful to you. "Gopal did not agreed and told Shyam to take it. They became friends again. Ram and Shiva interupted and all became friends again. When Shyam and Gopal asked about the coin, they told that they had gave it to a poor person He had also felt very happy. Everybody said"We will never brake our friendship. "

Friendship is endless and lasts forever. Friendship never breaks

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