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Thank You God

Thank You God

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Dhruv (My son) and My conversation :

Me: Do you love God?

Dhruv: Of course, YES.

Me: Why?

Dhruv: Because He loves me.

Me: Why God loves you?

Dhruv : (Smilingly with shyness)

Because I am a very good boy...


What an innocence !!

What an amazing surrendering to God!

Sincerely hard-working individuals surely achieve success.

Success is never achieved by frequent visits to holy places or worshipping God for hours.

The reason is :

God is there, where there is :

Innocence, Hard work, Sincerity, Kindness, Neatness, Mindfulness, and Truthfulness.

My life incident :

Once it happened that a school diary of a student went missing when being the monitor I had collected school diaries of mischievous students.

The teacher warned me to hand over the missing school diary immediately after recess. I searched for it everywhere, but, couldn't find it.

I was in tears thinking about the humiliating situation it would end into.

I was completely in tears. Just went on crying sitting alone out of other's sight.

Didn't know what will happen next...

I felt very embarrassed as I was good as a studious student.

After the recess, the scenario totally reversed. 

The teacher scolded the student saying,

"School diary is hidden by you only.

Because it is full of remarks from all teachers. Just stop the drama and hand it over to me".

The student was wonder-struck. Frightened, he handed over the school diary to the teacher and I felt a great relief.

I don't know whether it was a miracle or no, but, I felt as if God felt my pain through my tears and comforted me by rescuing me out of the humiliating situation.

Dear Friends,

Trust anyone, I have no issues.


Never doubt the existence of the Lord Almighty.

He was

He is

And He will

Always be there for us whenever we need Him.

Just we need to make sure that,

Our Thoughts-Words and Actions make our Lord Almighty proud of being our Dear GodFather.

Thank you, Dear Friends...


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