Something Is Better..

Something Is Better..

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Everyone knows getting job is very difficult in today's job market condition. That is same thing which happens with Suraj. On 31st of October he faced that situation.The Business Head called him in his cabin and told him so.

Suraj is working in the company for 8 years.He have the knowledge of Companies Financial position. The company currently not having any show.All the shows that got off aired last month.So the management starting cost cutting.They first started decreasing administrative expenses. Housekeepers decreased to one from four. Stationery material is checking item by item. Also the Accounting department shifted to small cabin. It is very congested one. But the team have to adjust their accounting in that cabin.

Suraj is working with them since the commencement. He knows everything in accounting department. you can say that he have done the accounting setup.

He is proud to be Head of Department.

Then what happen that management have to take decision and say bye to him. Many reasons. Many views. His point of view is different which is as usual comes in mind of every single person. What is that view?

Two years back the one CA appearing candidate is appointed in Finance. It was the time of GST was introduced by Government. They in requirement of such a person who can handle taxation part smoothly. The Business Head came to Account Department and introduced him as 'Senior' to him (Suraj). Thats the reason he felt upset. He could not understand what is happening. He is founder that how the new guy will be his senior. It is good for company. Not for Suraj. colleague not agreed. They told him so. But after all its management decision.

From that day he started working with low profile. His work remain same.

But he obeyed the Finance manager order. One year back the company losses in two shows which are regional. It could even pay the salary and even suppliers payment of time. Taxation liabilities increased because of the non payment of tax on time. In September they have only one show in hand. The discussion were on going for 2-3 new shows. Not so good the time for company and worker. They fail the talk with Channel Level. No chances in coming 3-4 months.

Why then Suraj ? Most of the reporting is handling by Finance manger. Mentioning the name of that guys is not required. Management want professional personnel. Suraj started his accounting from base level. He gradually update accounting system. It is his fault he could grow with new technology and taxation. He is satisfied him. Management remain unsatisfying.

Now company having no show in hand.They took the decision and called up his (suraj) service. Suraj got one month notice period. He requested the Business Head for help finding new job. He himself got upset.He just quiet office so early that day.He started and messaging everyone whom he trust that they will help him in searching new job. Everyday he left the house in tension that he could got news about job through email or by call.

It was short period notice for Suraj. His resume is strong enough.That is drawback for him. Whom he approached, they nodded. Now the question remain unanswered. Job... Job... Job. Where would he follow up they say to wait for some months. How can he survive? How can he solve the problem of bread and butter. He also could not have courage to convey to family member. They might broken up. They will over stress him. It will be big tension. So he not in family about what happened.

The notice period was getting over and tension reached to its top level. He remained cool. He prayed God to overcome from this situation. He had trust on God. He knows his existence. He could not see him but believe that something will result in Good means.

Suraj thankful to the Finance manager about his efforts. What is good ? What could be the adjustment. Today he called him and told him that management took decision to retain him, but with decrements. He have no option than accepting the offer. With little sad mood he accepted the offer. It could balance the current situation. Something is better than nothing. I don't know his took the right decision. Will you please help him that he done right ?

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