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Riddle Of Life in parallel ...

Riddle Of Life in parallel ...

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Riddle Of Life In Parallel Worlds

By Mozhgan Beigy

Raindrops are falling slowly on the window of cafe, Ezhom is sitting on a chair, placing her thin fingers around a cup of coffee and with her shining eyes stares at the outside trees, 

the cafe is located on the highest point of the mountain among a multitude of forests, to get there the optical cabin must travel 10 kilometers, there is silence everywhere and she have immersed in her thoughts.

The cafe door opens, the sound of a woman's sandals tapping is heard along with the sound of her daughter's footsteps, "Please sit by the window," the girl tells her mother.

The voice of the girl brings Ezhom out of the inner world, She looks at the little girl, to her braided hair, to her little hand in her mother's hand, She sighs and looks at her watch, Nava is late.

A few moments later, Nava enters through the door with her long black hair soaked in the rain, She knows that Ezhom is sitting where she always is, goes and sits next to her.

"Am I late?" Nava says.

"A little, it doesn't matter, your hair is wet" Ezhom says, then Nava continues," My hair is not as wet as your eyes!, Did you think? are you ready?"

"I'm ready" she puts her black hair behind her ears and says, "Of course, I'm ready!".

Nava says with gusto, "Now that you are ready, I have a gift for you."

She puts her hand in her purse and pulls out a postcard.

Puts it next to Ezhom's coffee cup, " Is that mine?" Ezhom says.

"Of course!" Nava says With a smile on her face.

On the postcard is a photo of a girl holding her heart and she wants to cross a bridge, on the other side of the bridge is a puzzle arranged on the ground, and a piece of the puzzle that is a picture of a heart is missing! And inside the postcard, this piece is written from Shakespeare's Macbeth:

[ If you can look into the seeds of time 

And say which grain will grow and which will not, 

Seak then to me 

(Act1, Sence3) ]

Ezhom sees the postcard, she enjoys it and closes her eyes, saying, "Oh, my dear Nava, you couldn't give me anything better than this."

They come out of the cafe, the rain is still falling, the sky is foggy and a breeze blows like the wind, it moves the branches and leaves of the trees slowly. They board the optical cabin, an optical cabin is a metal chamber that uses a type of optical technology to travel the distance between two stations. There are dozens of stations along the way that are places of entertainment and sports. The view is extremely beautiful, dew drops on the trees of the forest, as far as the eye can see there are trees, Ezhom puts her head on Nava's shoulder, and Nava begins to read Rumi's poem, she knows that Ezhom loves his poems.

[ Notice how each particle moves,

Notice how everyone has just arrived here from a journey,

Notice how each wants a different food,

Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up,

and how all streams stream toward the ocean...]

Nava goes to Ezhom's house that night, somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a single house in the heart of a summer hill, somewhat unlike modern recent century houses, the 23rd century, It has tried to preserve the originality of twentieth-century life.

The roof of the house is yellow gable that shines in the greenery of the trees, Inside the house is a large living room with sofa around that, the green flowers are in white daisies and the room is full of Victoria candles, Victoria candles were made in 2055, these candles can stay on for up to five years without running out. They were made nanotechnology with graphite polymers that can stay lit for years, 

Ezhom lights a fragrant stick and sits on the sofa next to Nava.

"I have many wishes, there is a lot of work not done, I want to do them," she says, "That's right, you have a lot of unfinished things that I know you can do, So what is the purpose of this experiment? What will happen if there is no return?" Nava says.

"Well, it's a real choice," Ezhom says.

"A choice?!"

"That's right, a choice!, If I could go back to 7 years ago, definitely I didn't make that choice, 

the choice that puts me in the current situation, you know how much it hurts me", 

She looks at Nava with her brown eyes, shakes her lips, swallows, and says, "Waiting! I have chosen to wait! and that puts me in purgatory, a purgatory that neither pushes me forward nor backward,

Ohhh, Nava, you don't know how bad is waiting, worse than anything that could ever have happened, sometimes I feel like I'm fooling myself."

"Tell the truth once and for all. Did he tell you to wait for him?" Nava says and Ezhom is silent.

"Did he tell you to wait for him?"Nava repeats,

"Well, honestly, no," Ezhom says sadly.

Nava stares at the floor of the room and says angrily, "So what have you been waiting for all these years? If he didn't even tell you to wait for him!"

"Well, honestly, an inner voice has been keeping me waiting over these years, waiting for him," she says.

Nava holds her head in her hands as she can't talk from the severity of her headache, whispers under her breath, "Well, now you want to go to another parallel world, what are you going to create?"

"A world where I don't wait for him, or I marry someone else and have children, or I reach out to him, but I don't wait any longer, 

Do you understand!

I'm not waiting!" Ezhom says.

"I hope so," Nava says.

The next day, Ezhom and Nava go to the Black Holes Research Center (BHRC) in the 23rd century. Much research has been done on wormholes and journey into them in the 23rd century, But they haven't really been tested yet.

Ezhom has been selected for this test after going through the stages and tests and exhausting tests, and they have come to the institute to perform this great test of the century.

They enter the research center, the entrance door is made of matte black glass, after primary identification and identification of pupils, they enter and a special agent goes with them, they enter the underground corridor.

On the wall of the corridor is a sentence that confuses thoughts of Ezhom.

It is written on the wall: This is an irreversible journey.

A car measuring 3×1 meter is located at the entrance of the corridor.

They are led into the car by a special agent, the car travels 30 km at a speed of 500 km /h.

Then they get out of the car and get on an elevator, go to a depth of about five kilometers, there is a final identification, DNA testing is taken from both of them.

After about ten minutes, they are allowed to enter. 

They enter the main room, a room about 2 kilometers in diameter and 100 meters high with pictures of planets and black holes and other worlds on it. Among these images, an image attracts Nava. Big photo of Ezhom with a baby in her arms, who is breastfeeding, Navs shakes Ezhom's shoulders to notice the image on the wall, with seeing the photo, the excitement covers the whole existence of Ezhom.

At this time, a robot greets them and invites them to sit around a three-person table. The third person is Dr. Bill, he comes with a smiling face and sits on the third chair.

"You've finally come out with long, tedious tests, I knew you could," says Dr. Bill.

"But I was skeptical, and I still have some," she says.

"What about?" Dr. Bill says in surprise.

"Honestly, I think there may never be a way back", she says.

"Well, we're not going to send you into a black hole!!! This is the greatest experiment of the century!

We put a chip inside your brain and then connect it to a chip that has been the result of decades of uninterrupted research and is made of materials that can withstand very high temperatures and the entrance to a black hole.

All your emotions and feelings will transmit to the initial bits, And the last bits will transmit information to us from each of those worlds, you will be in a coma in a chamber and your body is nourished by serum bags, and your brain will be active, just in one case you can't come back to this world!" says Dr. Bill.

"In which case?" Ezhom says.

"I can't explain that right now!" Dr.Bill says.

"How I can experience different worlds?" she says.

"Well, let me explain a little more, suppose there is a skyscraper with infinite floors, each floor represents a parallel world. When you get on skyscraper's elevator, all the buttons are active for you, but you can only move up, That is, if you hit the first-floor button, then you can go to the second or third or fourth or..floor.

But when you hit the third-floor button, you can only go to the upper floors and you can't go back to the lower floors like the first or second floor.

I'd better say, this is just a way to go up and you can't look back, it's your choice to stay in that world or go to another world, but you have no way back. Imagine that the floor elevator buttons you went to will be disabled for you." Dr. Bill says.

"So how can I travel between these worlds?" she says.

"The chip We install in your brain will transmit all the information, memories, and understanding of that world to us.

As long as you feel completely satisfied from a world, you will be preserved in that world, but when something happens to you in a world and all your dream is coming back or wish to be in another situation, the chip will be redirected to the entrance of another black hole, from the passage of a wormhole.

Just remember that you are the creator of the basic conditions of these worlds, but you can not create their next laws.

For example, if you want to go to college at the age of 13, these basic conditions will be created for you and you will enter that world, but you will not able to determine the rules of that world and what might happen to you afterward.", he says.

"You didn't say, Can I go back to this world?" she says.

"The answer to this question is a riddle, that you have to experience in these worlds to solve that! The goal of this center and all the billions of dollars in this research is to answer this question!

After several tests, we took a doubt test from you, let me be clear, you have doubts in your mind, doubts that tell you you will never return, In your subconscious, you have a motive that will overcome your doubt, and that is what has brought you here.

You have something that people outside here don't care and don't mind about that.

You are thirsty to understand, thirsty for the truth, even at the cost of destroying yourself, and this is what puts you on this chair.

Don't worry and get started." he says.

Nava looks into Ezhom's worried eyes and puts her hands on Ezhom's hands, and by caressing her hands, he tries to alleviate her inner anxiety.

"Are you ready?" Dr.Bill says.

Ezhom swallows and says in a shaky voice, "I'm ready."

"Among your dreams, we saw the greatest your wish was to be a mother, why didn't you get married?

And you don't have a child, so you want to create a world that will get you what you want." Dr.Bill says.

Ezhom's eyes fill with tears and she says with hatred, "One thing! Only one thing! I wanted my child to be the result of my love, I didn't want to have a child from anyone else." She sighs, "ah, my love, I never reached him."

Nava hugs and caresses his head and says, "Calm down baby, calm down", 

"It's better to start," Dr.Bill says.

After wearing special clothes, Ezhom enters a 2×2m chamber, where she is supposed to stay for about a week ...

In another room, Nava and Dr.Bill are examining and monitoring the chip embedded in her brain.

"How is she, How time passes for her?" Nava says.

"For she, time in the other world is exactly the same as Earth, But in our view that we are outside of these worlds, time passes quickly, It's as if you're living in that parallel world for a hundred years, as less than a millionth of a second on Earth. ", he says.

"I don't understand, Doctor, I don't understand what is your mean at all", she says.

"Eat your tea and come tomorrow to explain the whole thing to you!" Dr says.


Nava goes to Ezhom's house that night to review her memories in her absence ...

There is silence everywhere...

She plays instrumental music, from among them that Ezhom likes, those that, as Ezhom has said, her soul was healing by them.

Nava spends the whole night with different thoughts.

She waters the flowers and lights all the Victoria candles, wants to feel the presence of her best childhood friend.

The next day, after breakfast, Nava goes to the research center, and all entry process is repeated for Nava.

Dr. Bill is sitting at his desk, and the glass screen on the table is lit with blue lasers and shakes his head as Nava sits down,

"How is she, Is everything going according to plan?" Nava says.

"She's fine," he says.

She says calmly, "Did she get what she wanted? Was she able to correct her past?", "Let me explain to you exactly. There is no going back to the past !!!

You can't go back to your 18th birthday and stop marrying someone because it will prevent you from having a baby when you're 30!

And this is the anomaly of time!

You can only create another world!

That this world does not intersect with your current world." he says. 

 Next week, Nava goes to the institute to check the test results.

And she asks the doctor to share Ezhom

's experiences, "She has created worlds whose original conditions have always been coveted, but the laws of those worlds cannot determine what will happen next.", he says.

With a confused face, Nava asks the doctor to explain more.

Dr.Bill begins to explain: "Well, let me give you a few examples: 

Entering her first world, she is an 18-year-old girl who went to Harvard University to study physics", "that is the dream of her childhood," says Nava with a laugh, He continues, "In this world, she enters Harvard University and studied physics, but after two years, she suffers from Cerebral palsy, which she is not at all satisfied with, and wishes that I was healthy!

In another world, he goes to Harvard and studied physics. At university, she falls in love with her classmate and they get married, but her husband dies after a month, and she wishes I had never reached him.

Nava's eyes fill with tears;

And Dr. Bill continues, "In another world, she falls in love and their marriage results is a daughter, but the girl suffers from Schizophrenia and dies after three years ...

In fact, I can tell you that his brain reactions show that she is not satisfied in any world."

"Can you tell me now the answer to that riddle? In which case she will not return?" she says. 

"The answer to the riddle is that if she is satisfied with one world, she will not be able to return to her current world, and her brain will fail in this world!

This is what all theories have predicted that the current world takes precedence over all the parallel worlds of each individual!", he says and continues, "One of Willer's best students was Richard Feynman, who won the Nobel Prize in 1965 and known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics.

This theory states that all possible paths between the two points must be considered when crossing from one point to another.

For example, when we want to go from one point to another, the shortest path between those two points in Newtonian physics is considered.

However, in quantum physics, all the paths between these two points are considered, even those paths that go back in time. Even those routes that pass by the big moment. Even the trails that pass through the forests of our prehistoric period, and many more of these even .......

Of course, you might say what the rest of these routes are.

I must say that according to quantum physics and parallel worlds, these remaining paths occur in other worlds that are parallel to our world.

And this is the most likely state in the world that can exist."

After a few days, Ezhom regains consciousness;

Nava is beside her and tries to calm her down. After a few hours, Ezhom says only one sentence:

* I want to wait for him in this world *

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