Rape and Responsibility

Rape and Responsibility

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I am ashamed to watch today's news. People start movements and rallies to punish the criminals, light candles for the victims but I want to ask everyone why is all this done only when a crime is committed?

Why can't people spread awareness beforehand?

We have all heard this proverb that prevention is better than cure. Then why wait?

As a girl my parents have always told me to be alert and to understand the other person's motive. They had also explained the difference between a good touch and a bad touch to me at a very young age and when I asked them, "Why should I only be careful why can't the other person also respect my space?" They would shut me by saying, "Thats how situations around us are. You should be careful enough to not send any wrong signals to the one at the receiving end"

Today when I was reading the newspaper I came to know about more cases of rape. I was angry. I read the entire article and also the column where they print people's views. I was shocked to see that four out of five views were a criticism to the way government is handling this situation.

I am not able to understand why people are blaming the government mainly when problem lies in our head.

Yes, the real problem is the way people think. If each and every person becomes compassionate towards fellow human beings then why only rape we can eradicate many more social crimes.

My main motive to write this peice was

to stop this blame game where people blame the government and they blame some other people and this chain goes on and on and on...

Its time we stop blaming others and take our individual steps first and then guide people to build a crime free and safe nation where no woman has to worry about reaching home before it's dark or where girls can freely enjoy there childhood without any fear.

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