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'Am I audible?', the teacher asked. It was the very first day of our online classes.

'Yes you are ma'am, I think you should present the screen for better understanding ma'am.'

'Okay, dear.'

The presentation was going on. 

'Miss we can't see anything,' a student cried. 

'Yes ma'am, my screen is blank.'

'Let me check children.'

'Ma'am can I suggest something?', I asked with a shall-I-speak feeling. 

'Go ahead.'

'Firstly you need to switch your camera off by exiting the existing presentation. Then open the PPT and put in a landscape mode for better vision.'

'Miss are you there?', I asked after a long silence. 

'Y-Yes I am', she replied. 

Her tone explained it all. 

In today's current phenomenon, people have started hating aloofness and never-ending silence. But sometimes this silence can express something better than words. Thank you teacher for telling me what exactly a PPT was in my starting. Thank you for igniting my imagination by lighting my hope. It us because of all the teachers, the world accepts and stands by the side of what is right. 

For the world, you may be just a teacher but for us, you are a superhero who not only supports when we fall but also make us fall to enrich us with experiences. Thank you for making us believe in ourselves.

A great salute to all the teachers!

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