Popularity And Him

Popularity And Him

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This is the story of a man who wanted to be become Popular.

When he was in school, he used to write poem in his own style. He was an intelligent boy and a very popular poet at school level. He did not know himself as what his caliber was. For the sake of pleasure he did poem writing. The school teachers, friends, all were very impressed by this skill. School days were over, he got good scores and joined a nearby college. He was a lucky boy. He was not very handsome, but as I said, he was intelligent. Till that time, he wrote few poems. Every time he was in search of popularity. Popularity is a hidden gift. How can anyone be in search of it. If you want to be popular, it wouldn't be. Your hobbies will not benefit you throughout the life. If anyone constantly does something for sometime, then I think he or she will be expert in it. He/she will be an experienced person in that field.

Yesterday we accidentally met. I asked him "Yes, what are you doing now?" He just smiled. It means nothing or he was hiding something from me. I knew him very well, he didn't hide anything from me. He met me after longtime. In today's world of digital technology. He should be advanced and at least popular on facebook, instagram. You know ! he even didn't have the account on any social media site. It was a surprise for me.In the past, the man who wanted to be popular instantly, does not follow the basic necessities of industry. The Goddess of popularity is far away from all this thing. He is a lazy person. And the lazy person can not win the race. What happened today. He is just copycat of his own writings. Putting, submitting here and there, did not reach the right path of his destination.

At last I could say that he is a honest person to himself and not for the rest world.

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