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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Shreya Borthakur

Children Stories Fantasy


Shreya Borthakur

Children Stories Fantasy



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Many million light-years away, there exists a quiet planet in a galaxy quite different from ours. The inhabitants aren't the green, big headed aliens we human beings are capable of thinking of; they are slender, tall creatures with a thinking organ much advanced than ours. Only they are really small in size , about one quarter of an Earthly microorganism. Everyone there is a worker. The sea of workers has technology that is unmatched and hence they're a quiet bunch. You see, they have found almost all the secrets of life - they have nothing to talk about anymore. 

Amongst the lot is a special little alien, who wants to be a science specialist when she grows up. Her name is a long set of numbers which the human brain would not register as a name, so let's call her Xenomorph. Her first ever invention was a brain chip which could hack the brains of the members of a certain species, which like to call themselves 'human' on a planet called Earth. 

A few days ago, armed with one brain chip, she trekked down to Wormhole Villa, from where you could go anyplace you wanted in exchange of some knowledge on a topic. She chose the route to Planet Earth; it was not that interesting a planet, so her fellow planet-mates didn't visit it a lot. This might be the very reason why Xeno had so many questions about this strange little place. 

The journey was not disappointing, it took her one Earth minute to reach here, but due to intergalactic time slip, the exit wormhole opened up at a cold place a long time back in 2016.

 The first thing little Xeno sighted on her first intergalactic trip was a head attached to a string (don't worry readers, it was just what we human beings call a balloon). The head had orange hair and a rather ugly smirk. It was a simple promotion balloon for the upcoming American Presidential Election but Xeno was absolutely trumped at the sight. She thought the head showed signs of being charming but rather absent-minded. She quickly realized which human she wanted to try her bionic body hacking on. Now no one could stop her from realizing her dreams.

Xeno hacked into the Earthly Network systems and with the help of an intergalactic language translator she found out all there was to know about the orange-headed human. Although she wasn't particularly impressed by his extravagant records, she clutched the brain chip sitting in her preservation pocket, and felt very excited at the thought that she might just be the bearer of change in the history of this planet. Xeno changed her footwear setting to Ariel glide and set them to take her to a place called the American White House. 

Xeno glided through the crimson and gold upholstered banquettes in search of the orange-headed man. She was disappointed with the lack of technological fittings in the place; this made her work more tedious since there was no networking to feed on. Finally, she found her target. He was a bulky human being with orange flyaway hair and the trademark grin that helped Xeno confirm her target. The man was talking about the points he would present in the upcoming election debates; they were so trivial and implausible that he would have had difficulty in convincing a kindergartner that chocolates were bad for him, let alone the entire country's population. Xeno decided to take it on her to help him win the elections as Orange Head would be more useful to her research as a leader of the people.


The planting of the brain chip wasn't difficult, she aimed her particle dispersing gun with the brain chip inside at Orange Head and shot at his cranium. The moment Orange Head's eyes rolled for two seconds, Xeno realised her job was done. She took out her chip control and programmed it to take instruction waves from her thinking organ. It took Xeno just a few seconds to learn the basic human movements before Orange Head became all hers. The wife standing next to Orange Head only had to ask twice if he was alright before Xeno learnt to reply. "Yes beautiful, I am alright. You look lovely in that dress tonight." The wife was pleased, her concerned face turned all joyous again, the man who would never share his umbrella with her during the rains now suddenly complimented her in front of a lot of important people, so she decided to reward him with role-playing that night.  

Xeno eventually succeeded in swaying the people in Orange Head's favour and he was suddenly the leader of the people. The other inhabitants of the planet were gobsmacked at the win, they only knew of people who resented orange head; no one liked him! 

Xeno had given out particle waves. These waves can be relatable for a human being who has read about the dual nature of waves; they would understand that Xeno's waves comprise particles that get a life of their own once released and in this case were made to interfere with human brain cells.

The next few years were a breeze. Xeno allowed the President to have his own political ideas but he could only execute them under her control. She let him be foolish at times- he built a wall and said climate change is a hoax but over the years what Xeno had made a real goal was to make this noisy planet as quiet as hers, with knowledge and technology. 

Days went by making a plan for the ultimate silence, Xeno wanted her plan to succeed as soon as possible since she wanted to go back home but one day she heard something that created a cloud over her thinking organ. It was the giggle of a little human infant. It sounded exquisite, it was as though a deaf person had regained his hearing and was hearing this beautiful sound as his introduction to the world.

That giggle changed everything for Xeno, she could not ignore the sounds on this planet anymore, her thinking organ obnoxiously concentrated on each and every sound since the giggle - the clinking of cutlery in the White House's royal dining hall, the feathery birds chirping near the Hummingbird Blossoms, the rustle of the leaves outside. It was all very new and exciting for Xeno. Her thinking organ had started categorising sounds as 'beautiful' and 'exotic' (Except that one occasion when Orange Head had misplaced his wife's diamond-laced purse due to a rare blunder by Xeno, when she had been obliged to use the adjective 'blood-curdling' to describe the screams that followed.) Was she becoming like these human beings?  

It was a moment of sadness and confusion for Xeno. All the time at home had made her believe that silence was the answer to everything but this planet overturned her thinking organ with just one sound. It was an eye opener - Xeno didn't want Planet Earth to be silent anymore, she wanted it to grow with its beautiful sounds intact. 

Xeno is now back on her home planet with a beautiful set of memories in her thinking organ. It hadn't been difficult to get back the chip, she just had to take out her reversal revolver and aim it at the bald spot where the chip had been buried. Once the job was done a tuft of hair had grown instantly, after which Orange Head had become cockier than ever before (the extra hair uplifted his spirits). She had felt a tad bit worried for the people under Orange Head's rule. The moment she had taken back her chip, Orange Head had declared an attack on a Middle Eastern country. She had shaken her head at his stupidity, but she had to go back home. Her planet had been waiting.  

So that is the story of how an alien almost made our planet go silent but was stopped by something as simple as a beautiful sound. Science is still capable of changing the world but without the right human emotional energy, it won't go to the right places. 

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