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Gita Bharath

Children Stories


Gita Bharath

Children Stories

Monkeying Around

Monkeying Around

2 mins 131 2 mins 131

The greedy monkey

A monkey lived on a pipal tree

He said, "Everyone must obey me"

He was rough and very hairy

He was very big and very scary.

So the bee, the squirrel, and bird

Obeyed his every little word.

They worked to give him fruits and honey

They had no time to play or be funny. 

A little sparrow came to the tree

She was smaller than a bird but bigger than a bee.

She could see

That the folk on the tree

Needed to be set free


She said, "I have come to help you

And this is what you must now do--

Give the monkey more and more

Of whatever you had given before!"

More honey, more nuts, more food that

Will make that monkey extra fat.

So fat that he will fall off the tree

And then we'll all be truly free.

So they gave him much much more 

Then they had given him before.

And soon he became so heavy and fat

That he wobbled on his branch, then fell down-- Splat!!

Now he very politely and humbly,

Said, "Please can someone now help me? "

"I thought it was grand to be king of the tree

But I realize now that I need you more

Than you ever needed me. "


He promised to change, to behave, to be good, 

So the animals then said that he could

Be their friend. 

So now every animal on the tree

It is part of a happy family. 

Each helps each if necessary

And once their own jobs are done

They sing and frolic and have lots of fun.

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