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Roza Maria Kerim

Children Stories Fantasy

Miss Mary Margareth

Miss Mary Margareth

3 mins

Miss Mary Margareth had decided to inconspicuously ditch her boring, boring chores and to sing near the olive-coloured branches the song of a young maiden. With twiddling birds following her every step and rainbows reflecting on the crystal-clear ocean...Wait a minute! She was fighting those birds, swatting at them like there were pesky flies or perhaps miniature, rotting trolls. 

"Take this! And that! I have no mercy for mother's spies! What's your rank, your royal 'roast chickeness'? Avian babysitter?" Mary said continuing to swat at them.

Eventually, they got the message and left her alone. Just in time for another bizarre circumstance to rear its ugly head. Francis and Francine, her younger brothers running ahead of her like they've seen a sentient scarecrow or a famished baboon ogre. They had twin grins on their faces and they looked as if they had conquered the world. Mary ran after them, already smelling the trouble they must have undoubtedly gotten themselves into. She soon lost them...

"Sissy can't find us let alone catch us, Francine!" Francis replied.

"Elephants are more graceful and more silent than her, Francis dear!" Francine announced mockingly. 

"Practice what you preach, brats! Soon enough your echo will lead me right to you." Mary said.

She thought she'd seen a lock of silky blonde hair and so she started running only to accidentally hit her head into a tree and pass out.

She wakes up in a half kaleidoscopic world. Oh, wait...that was only the high window in front of her. And behind her is a tall, severe-looking man, dressed all in black. Near him, there is another portly man with a kinder expression, dressed also in black.

"You dare defile the sacred Land of Onix with your tasteless, frilly, excuse of garments?" the first man asked with an air of superiority.

"You dare mess up my good mood with your holier than thou attitude? And I wouldn't call dressing for a funeral the highest of fashion," Mary answered.

The nasty man gaped than said, "Insulting my clothes? Decapitation!"

"Your Highness, perhaps it would be better if I took this young maiden with myself and showed her the rules of the Land. It would not be fair to sentence her to death while she is unaware of the rules, and the high stake..." the kinder man sad.

The Count sighed and said, "Very well." Then made a hand gesture for Mary and his advisor to leave.

After they left the advisor introduced himself as Karlos. 

"You see, Miss Mary, we live in the Land of Onix and here we must celebrate his royal Highness's birthday every day, agree with everything he says, not complain..."

"What?! I'm not everyone's puppet and that man with a silly crown is not God nor the boss of me!" Mary shouted.

"You must bury that strong fighting spirit here, we don't stand a chance against his magic sceptre. When we're not worshipping him we clean the palace. Follow me, young one," Karlos said.

After a set of corridors, they entered a foul-smelling room with dirty dishes all around, mountains of them.

"You could help me with the cleaning. It would pass the time." Karlos suggested meekly.

"I'd rather be decapitated! I want to go back home!" Mary Margaret screamed and suddenly the world distorted again.

She woke up in her bed at home being greeted by the worried glances of her mother and younger siblings.

"Do I have a story to tell you," Mary said while smiling.

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