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Major Style Scarves That A Woman

Major Style Scarves That A Woman

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When it comes to scarves women are very fond of them. They not only look stylish but they also keep one warm during cold and windy weather. One can pair them up with their outfits and mix and match them to increase their fashion quotient as well.

Before buying from silk scarf manufacturer, one must be aware of different varieties of scarves that are available in the market and which they must keep in their wardrobes.

Traditional Scarves

They are classics and they are mostly meant to wear to combat cold weather. They have a rectangular shape (mostly) and they are typically made from materials like cashmere, wool, mohair or any other warm fabrics. Though their lengths can vary they are mostly 60 to 70 cm in length and they can cover the neck area quite well. This one is a traditional accessory and one can easily pair them up with any kind of traditional ensemble. One can wear them with bomber jackets, pea coats or woollen coats. They really go well if one wants a layered look and if they have some vibrant colours they can never clash with the outfit.

Blanket Scarves

They have been trending for a few seasons now. As per the name, they are the oversized scarves and they are a halfway point between a scarf and a blanket. Also, they are made from thick and cosy fabrics so that one can feel warm after wearing them. They can also be worn in a plaid pattern. They are oversized but still, they look trendy and they can be paired well with an outfit which is streamlined. One can wear them with jeans, a favourite sweater and riding boots on a cold day to complete their casual winter look. One can also wear them with a sweater dress or a leather jacket.

Pashmina Scarves

They are the versatile scarves with exotic roots. They have their origin in Persia and they are traditionally made from cashmere wools. But these days these pashmina scarves can be from varieties of fibres and fabrics. They are gauzy, lightweight and one can easily pair them up with any outfit. They do add a certain amount of warmth and they look really stylish with an evening outfit. One can wear them with very casual dresses like jeans and a T-shirt or an elegant dress.

Silk Scarves

They bring a kind of a retro elegance into any look. They have some elaborate patterns and they are lightweight (very easy to carry). They are available in different sizes and shapes. One can wear them to elevate their overall look. When one wraps this on their neck they look really sleek and sophisticated. One can pair them up with coloured sweaters, trousers and nude pumps so that they look like a great contrast. One can also wear them with a light coloured dress because then the colour of the silk scarves comes up really nice.

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