Mahapolitics in a Nut Shell

Mahapolitics in a Nut Shell

2 mins

1.    Why did Ajit switch over to the other side?

            He wanted to be in power.

2.    Why did Ajit come back?

            He wanted to be a part of Pawar.

3.    The horses were ordered to assemble on the floor.

             He knew that they would ‘Nay’ against him

              He became Fadna’was.’

4.    This Bhagat wanted to be Kushiyari. He pleased the bosses

             by his hoshiyari. Now he was made to feel quite sorry.

5.    Season may come and season may go.

             But Sharad(Autumn) stays on for ever.

6.    He s’h’aw an opportunity. He played his card well.

Everyone said he was a great finisher. But the SC said ‘show”

your cards. He had to A’d’mit his lack of cards.

7.    He told the judges be Sibal and go by the constitution. Judges’ constitution bunch’ agreed.

8.    This Govind is not a Ram Bhakt. He begins his morning prayers chanting’ omnamoshahwaya” and signed the decree at 5:47 am.

9.    It was a case of ‘so nea’r and yet so far and missing the bus. But this time the lady came ‘sonea’r caught the bus and got a seat.

10. This city of finance has always seen the bull or the bear run. It witnessed this time the horse run. The citizens are now demanding horses for the bourses. 

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