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Lockdown Life Lessons VS. My Bucket List

Lockdown Life Lessons VS. My Bucket List

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It was the month of January. I was looking forward to 2020 with great hopes. I had my CA final exams this year and in the time between exams and studies, I planned to do all the things I had missed due to my busy schedule for the last 3 years. In the mid of January, I decided to make a bucket list for 2020. And I started writing

1. Learn French

2. Travel at least one state of India.

3. Socialize more.

4. Visit all my relatives.

5. Plan a get-together with my school friends.

6. Try various restaurants in my city.

7. organize a big party for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary.

And suddenly near about 30th Jan, India reported the first case of coronavirus infection in the state of Kerala.

I remember 15th March which was my birthday was the last time I went out to a restaurant with my friends.

Thereafter lockdown was announced. On 22nd March, at 5 pm all the people as per our prime minister's instructions came out in their balconies clapping and banging utensils as a gesture of appreciation for all the emergency personnel and sanitization workers working as real heroes during the COVID crisis. This was the first time I saw all the people residing in my colony. The sound of clapping and utensils banging was the best sound I had heard. It was the sound of Unity. The sound of appreciation towards the great efforts of the real heroes. I agreed that day that if we appreciate each other's work and work in unity we can surely reach far. It may not be fast, but it will surely be fast.

My exams got postponed and I got more time to study, I decided to give at least one hour to myself daily without my phone or without any disturbances. I read, meditated, and exercised during this one hour. Every day my knowledge about various aspects increased. Sometimes it was related to patience, sometimes understanding, or keeping yourself in other's shoes or the power of detachment. I shared all that I read with my parents. Daily we had our meals together, which was impossible previously due to everyone's busy schedules. A very different connection was built between me, my parents, and my siblings. I could comprehend that their viewpoints weren't because of the generation gap between us but because of their concerns, which to a great extent were right. Today's generation is ready to take a lot of risks but without a long vision. That's where our parents and grandparents can guide us the best. 

My siblings became my best friends. My younger brother taught me skates, me and my sister cooked together and had a lot of fun. I felt that there is so much we can learn from our younger siblings too. 

On 5th April people all around the country switched off their lights and came out on doors and balconies and lit earthen lamps and candles to fight COVID. The scene was alluring. It signified that even a light from the little Diya can make a huge difference. Our one step in the right direction can make us reach the top of the mountain one day.

If we wish from the bottom of our hearts to make this moment the best or to have a lot of fun, we can do it even being alone. Just try doing something you love. It can be music, painting, games, or writing. You won't even remember your best friend or your cell phone and that feeling will be awesome.

Health became the top priority of everyone during this pandemic. People admitted that the biggest treasure they have isn't their money or the diamonds but their health, people extremely close to them, and most importantly our mother earth where everyone has a right to live and is extremely important for the cycle.

As humans, we have always searched for opportunities everywhere, why not see it as an opportunity to connect inside it you can't go outside. 

Why not spend some time loving and caring about nature which may not give you money, but will surely bring happiness and a sense of belonging towards nature which is priceless.

And yeah...about my bucket list!!!

Couldn't complete even one wish but as compared to it the knowledge and connectivity with myself and others that I experienced are much more valuable.

It gave me much more than completing my bucket list would have given me.

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