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Lockdown Day 71 Story

Lockdown Day 71 Story

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Let me introduce it to you all. My name is Bikash Jha and presently I am in Kolkata.

I am feeding stray dogs and cats for the last 10 years but today(31st May 2020) it was a completely different experience and I would say it was one of the best moments of life.

During this pandemic, I am feeding 22 stray dogs(everybody is named) and 4 cats from Day 1 of the lockdown and helping some needy people as well.

Today, I was preparing food for them and I had two packets of milk which I was pouring into a bowl and mixing bread and biscuits.

During this time security guard of our apartment(kaka) from his seat told me that "tumi je biscuit dudh bread dicho seta kukur,biral,paira,pakhi,goru sobay khay and tomake ebar ekta association khule dite hobe"(whatever food items you give to dogs and cat everyone eats that one including birds, pigeons, crows,cows.You have to open an association for them). I smiled at him.

All of them ate their food and later I washed my hand and gave him a dabh fruit(coconut water) which I purchased for him early in the morning.

While all these things were happening, an old man in his 80's was observing me. He approached me and told "you are doing good work young man. In today's world where there is less humanity, your work has touched my heart and then he suddenly called his family and his wife came. He started telling his wife " e je dekho humanity er best example" and at this point I was embarrassed. 

Later he introduced himself. His name is Mr.Anshuman Tiwari(ex-serviceman) and he lives here with his grandson, daughter, and wife. He told me that his grandson(Aryan Tiwari age 9 years) has also started feeding stray dogs. Upon asking his grandson why he has started feeding strays, he told that "amader apartment e ekjon kaku(he told me kaku) daily eder ke khabar dai Oie kaku theke ami inspired( I am inspired from that uncle(me) who feeds strays daily) and this was the best compliment I received in years.

He shared a story of a starving toddler in Sudan(the famous picture of kevin Carter) which later won Pulitzer prize.

Mr.Tiwari uncle later inquired about my profession and name and told me that I will come to your flat someday because you are such a nice guy to talk with.

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