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When someone reads my title the first thought comes into their mind is " life? How it came into existence? Or is it that life one we are surviving" 

Well, I m writing about ZINDAGI here.

Though I was a science student (computers) now. I still don't want to write about existence rather than I would love to write about tiny little things which gives meaning to ZINDAGI.

They say live it to the fullest but do they live it to the fullest?

We guys are bit complicated we say things which we believe but when it comes upon us we dont really apply it on.

We say we love rain but we open window when it rains, we love people but we hurt them. 

Why cant we keep it real, why do we guys pretend, is it this much hard. 

If it is hard then why do we judge turtle for covering up under shelter.

Why cant we keep it simple, why do we make such rules which we even cant follow.


Do we need rules?

Some says yes some says no. Well, I personally believe if we are on right track we don't need rules.

But how can one differentiate between right and wrong? We arn't god right. 

Sometimes, there is no right or wrong. We do what we feel or what situations demands then we clarify it to satisfy the hunger of people around us.

But, do we need this?

Being the part of today's generation i know how they think how they implement.

Nearly everyone is broken from inside out may be because of some money issues, friends, love life, career or parents.

But do we need this?

Look closely everyone is made up of such tiny details, if we will start to read we are gonna love those wounds too.

We are blessed with such beautiful descriptions still do we need to torcher ourselves?

No, we dont. We need to let go of things which haunts us, we need to face what we are afraid of, we need to think for our own beside our parents.

Because as they say at the end of the day we are the only person who is going to matter for us. No, not our frnds, not our lover not even parents at a point of time.

But, only we or should I say only "I".

Thank you.

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