Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra
Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Is Ayusyapharasundara! ..

Is Ayusyapharasundara! ..

3 mins 128 3 mins 128

Is ayusyapharasundara! .. 

Once married, the taxpayers would have you believe that life will be ...

I panic situation,

That was originally ...

The house was big ...

The side is increasing in many lusts.

Meanwhile, our children are not yet great. It will just fix everything that was great, that takes you into understanding the mind.

The child's developmental age, their beautiful dreams of the future, we decorate your day. All the kids were little, how does safari will be filled with joy, that you would think.

Your husband/wife that he had a little heart to do well ...

If there was a car to your door ...

If you are wrong ... prices

If I retire ...

Sukhanam how life will be full, so we constantly ghokata myself.

The fact that, in order to have the joy, the happiness to be now 

There is no other time than the correct time.

There will be challenges in life. It is important to accept and it does not do the same to selection is happy living through jhelataca?

Live - really survival - vhayaciye yet started, might rahatam think for a long time.

But, there are lots of obstacles in the. Some ordinances are as vasanam, for whom time is, some debt is phedayacam ....

And even knows the end, the obstacles that they had life.

Saw this girl's point of view,

Anandakade no way to be.

This highway is a thrill.

So celebrate every moment.

Schools departure to go to school ... again ... to reduce the weight of four kilograms of weight ... ... for a little bit before to start to work ... ekadacam as Bang wedding ... Friday evening to Sunday morning ... to ... navyakorya Cars waiting to see ... rain ... cold ... pleasant heat for the first date of the month ... ... we had to stop. Once that was over, the stage, everything will be manasarakham, that you have inserted your understanding. But whether it expects some lively decide.

Now look around or give answers to the questions asked before -

1 - see the world and tell the names of the first ten richest men.

2 - the universe vasundari style milavanaryanci athavatayata names of the last five years?

3 - This year's winners will be concluded with the names of the five Nobel?

4 - the last just two Oscar winners that have names?

Yum! Vicarataya What complaints? If you do not do anymore? but the However, that did thought it was not easy questions to answer this question demam, not ?

Talyanca viruna is thunder in the air.

Cup winners and eat dust fall.

Jetyancahi is soon forgotten.

Now let's look at the answers to the four questions asked -

1 - three teachers tell you the names of those effects is better.

2 - will tell you the names of three friends who helped in urgent need of?

3 - Do you mean you're going to be very important person, it takes you to feel lavanarya - say two names?

4 - Do you like to tell us the names of five men with whom to spend time.

Think for a moment.

Life is hectic.

Be what you are? Taking a guess?

I say.

Your name complains of course the world famous persons list. But, for those who thought the mail I sent there, your name is not on their list ....

Now a thing.

Some years ago. Seattle's Olympic preparation was standing waiting for a signal to start the nine contestants competing in the tournament hundred meters running. All the children were physically or mentally handicapped.

Pistulaca voice was started the race. Saryannaca do not like being heels. But, everyone had to take part in the competition and that it was an important conquering.

Ran one quick balance. Some golantyakhauna he fell and began to cry.

They stopped listening to the voice of the other eight people were running.

All went back ... all of them ...

"A girl sitting near the Downs syndrome, a disorder. She hugged him and asked," "feeling good now? ''

And he searched, and the last did stand reseparyanta walked shoulder to shoulder all.

They were troubled sarejana present at the scene saw. The thunder of the salute standing headstones talyanca. That was a long time talyanca buzzing sound environment ...

Remembering the incident is still there when the present church.


The most important thing in life is that you know everyone is somewhere deep inside she is much older than himself to win.

The heart is the most important thing is to help others to win. The fumed have to reduce your speed to change or even saryataca.

Tell the time being as the people. He will come to pass concerning us. Maybe itarancanhi ...

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