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Humans Are Weirdly Beautiful

Humans Are Weirdly Beautiful

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It was raining when I was returning home from the office. The traffic almost made me feel like I could never escape the overpopulated road. However, the rain being rain, had an ability to infuse in me a certain feeling.

"Maybe the escape isn't all that worth", I thought to myself. After all, being drenched in rain has its own delight.

And so, I took the decision of what I really wanted - a motionless peaceful moment in the rain.

While enjoying my time, I noticed this particular man with all his rugged clothes and bad bike-riding abilities come from the middle of the traffic behind and wait next to me. He was moving back and forth to find a way through the traffic pathetically. I wanted to express my disgust to him. I wanted to tell him how foolish he was to accelerate his bike unnecessarily and how his ability to handle 'the handle' of the bike sucked.

Then, I saw him lose balance which made him place his foot on the road.

His foot accidentally touched mine.

Well, here, I thought a realization would dawn upon him that he needed to fix how he rides his bike.

Contrary to my expectation, this man took me by surprise when he reached out his hand towards me, almost touched my hand and quickly touched it back to his heart. Along with this gesture, he added a few words which filled his mouth. I am certain he was praying his god about how sorry he was to touch another human with his foot.

In that moment, there was more to his careless personality. He was a man of faith who was afraid of being religiously/culturally wrong.

By culturally and religiously wrong, I mean, bad manners of letting your foot touch anything. Anything includes humans, school bags, books or other sacred things.

This bad bike rider knew this.

My disgust for him disappeared right away. This moment to me was better than an escape from the traffic and better than a motionless moment in the rain.

It was unusually pleasant.

Humans are weirdly beautiful!

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