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Happy Winters

Happy Winters

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Everyone have their own version of "Happy Winters'. I have mine too and that might be some common story of a random person. Have you tried to figure out someone else's version of Happy Winters some day? If not, then I can take you through some, maybe you find your Happy Winters in one of those.

Parul has her moments of Happy Winters in random stuff like a bonfire with family and a long chitchat with them, some cold winter nights in her warm n cozy blankets, wearing her stylish jackets and winter coats and clicking selfies in those and having tea and pakodas. These stuff make her winters happy.

Sanskriti has her favourite winters in watching nature.

I have mine version too... like the best things in winters is reading my favourite book maybe 100th of time and that is every winter must do in my list. Go and have roadside food with my cousins is something I've always loved. Some of the things that makes my Winters Happy.

Being a working woman, my favourite times of winters are weekend road trip to Mahabaleshwar. Something, I look forward to every winter. The long bike ride with my husband. The strawberries in lunch, snacks n then bring them back in bundles for the rest of the week. The nature, hills roads, breeze, everything is so relaxing.

Have you ever wondered what makes your winter special? I guess wonderful memories with your loved ones might be almost everyone's answer if you think. There are many stories and moments that makes winters special for that particular person.

Seeing some poor kid helping his mother to beat cold, collecting small sticks and setup bonfire and think I have achieved something very big today after seeing his mother smile brings 'a warm smile' on his face. Now that, truly makes it a HAPPY WINTER night for him.

So, what is your version of Happy Winters? Do write in comments :)

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