Girl'S Character

Girl'S Character

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Okay so I just had to do this.
You don't know me. You just know my name and some xyz stories you heard about me which is probably as fake as the one who told you. But you know what's sadder ? When you’re 'Friends' judge your character because of some shitty crap someone told them, in spite of knowing who you are.
Like seriously?
I talk to a lot of girls. No, that does not makes me a womanizer. I'm nice to everyone. That is who I'm. But just because I talk to you, doesn't mean that we are friends or I had sex chat with you, or I wanna make out with you or we are dating. Get A Life Sis! If you are mad at me coz I don't give a damm to you, then it’s probably because I know what games you are gonna play. And if you think me being sweet to you or talking to you means that I'm interested in you or you can take advantage then I'm sorry to disappoint you.
And some of you girls out there need to Get a Life, ASAP. If guys like me and they wanna date me or hsbnd me and they find me hot or smart it doesn't make me a wannabe fake hoe . You are just a jealous one.
I'm just soooo sick of all you fake people. You girls and guys will never change. Your thinking mentality will always be low. You'll still judge me (and others as well). But to be honest, I know who I m. I'm not gonna change. I don't owe you an explanation. Because you just aren’t worth it.



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