The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Smriti Aggarwal



Smriti Aggarwal




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When I read the Bhagavad - Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous - Albert Einstein. 

India is a mixture of cultures, regions, traditions, diversity in food, languages, etc. its beauty is remarkable and is talked upon all over the world. But first, let me introduce you to the darker side of this incredible country. 

Ever thought of a calm night walk in the moonlight around 12-1 a.m.? almost every one of us wants to do so at least once in their lives. but, wait! wait! wait !!! if you are a girl, don’t even think of doing so. there are 90% chances that you’ll be eve teased, molested, or worse, raped. 

In a highly cultural country like India, where women such as goddess Durga and goddess Kali are worshiped and women are respected like a mother, a girl being raped?? According to the 

National Crime Records Bureau 2018 annual report, 33,356 rape cases were reported across India in 2018. And these are the cases which are reported, many of them don’t even speak up due to the insults they need to hear by society. 

Many women due to the fear of this to happen are not allowed to work and depend on their husbands for the rest of their lives. well in that case, - In a recent survey between 2015-2016, it revealed, women suffer domestic violence at the hands of their husbands. Also, many women even don’t raise their voices as being a non-earning member, it further expands women's vulnerability and increases women's dependability on their male counterparts. This makes them more to bent more in the front of their husbands and family decisions lowering their self-identity. 

And women who after all this raise themselves up to work face a wage gap discrimination.  The Monster Salary Index says Indian men earn 25% more than women in the same kind of work done by both men and women. The average gender gap is 38.2%. However, Accenture's research says that the gender gap in India is as high as 67%. That means if a man earns ₹360 for a job, a woman earns ₹260 for doing the same job. this difference between male and female rose to 25% in 2016 rather than decreasing. and this is strictly against the economic ETHICS of the country. women go through many things like cyberbullying, sati paratha female infanticides, and feticides even when we have a human right, the right to equality! 


And till date, there are women who wish to work but there is still the responsibility assigned to women of being primarily responsible for care in their home and the need to earn income to maintain their families due to which they are unable to enjoy independence even after 73 years of independence. Is being a woman a curse? there is so much she needs to go through just because she was born a GIRL! 

The caste system is yet another problem practiced amongst Indians for centuries. where this concept of caste came? the caste system was first mentioned in Manu smriti by Manu ( the first man in the world) just to ease up the system between his son's profession which day by day grew as a source to discriminate and categorize people as good and bad by the people. but in today’s date, 21st century we don’t need anything called “caste” as we have advanced much to do any profession of our choice, though people still follow it. in India worst cases such as of untouchability were followed and yet another case is If you’re born as Dalit or Shudra, it is believed it’s because of crimes in your previous life! And if you rebel or misbehave now, you’ll be born in a lower caste in your next life which is purely impractical and inhuman for the improvement of such conditions government implemented many policies such as reservations. Reservation for government colleges and jobs was an idea given by the constitution to bring up the socially backward castes up to the place of majority based castes like Hindus, which was a really good and needed policy at the time of independence but coming towards the today's date, after 73 years of independence, this policy is rather showing up its ill effects, general category students and people who are appearing for the government institutes are getting pissed of their unconvincing results and are blaming reservation for that which to some extend satisfies and the majority caste people have started to hat the minorities due to everything being much easier for them, and so now they peruse to go to foreign countries and settle there which is leading our educated resource to hate and leave our country and to go for another to settle in. if human rights clearly mention the right to equality, why reservations? According to the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, 

The majority of Indians trust and visit private health care even though the cost of treatment in private treatment is significantly higher than public facilities. This is because we Indians do not support and trust our government facilities leading to a huge loss in the economy. Now just think upon this point and try relating it with the previous one. India is the only country showing such a huge impact of reservations even after so many years of independence. 


We see a drastic change in the environment of our country during the lockdown due to COVID-19. ever thought why so? This is because of the sudden lessening in the pollution around in the country. Tsunamis, earthquakes, etc are also major effects that happened. In short how much have we polluted our land to lead to so much sudden environmental change most of the animals die due to eating plastic that 1? Improper use of dustbins 2. Is unrecyclable. 

People suffer from many diseases due to pollution and aquatic animals are dying at a quicker rate. This is all due to our greed full use of the resources India was blessed with.  

we need to look at regular, continuous outcomes of complex social and economic factors affecting every individual and the community. In my opinion, our respected government can take the following decisions - 1. Increase hospitals, and medical colleges. educate students with the basics of medical care in schools so that they can deal with small injuries. 2. people who are unemployed and need money so badly should start a teaching poor 

kids his skills at low cost to earn some money and for children to gain education as well as there are 35 million children between 6-14 who do not attend school and over 

30.6 million unemployed people who need money badly !!! 3. Loans should be given at lower interest for poor people and should be given in maximum languages possible for lesser educated people. 4. Reservations should be more for economically backward people than for cast backward people as it creates greater cast discrimination! 5. People who discriminate against socially backward castes should be punished under government policies.

On a personal level, we can take steps such as – 1. To also to aware others around us for the new policies and trust our government 2. Show up with new ideas for country 3. Not exploiting anyone on the bases of caste religion and gender 4. To use resources according to need, not greed 5. Use public facilities 6. Useless things made up of plastic and those which in the end exploits the earth 

Let us follow these steps and even more to take a step towards atmanirbhar Bharat ! 

Thank you. 

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