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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

First Love

First Love

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In an afternoon Sima was running towards the river and her eyes were full of tears. A passenger saw her running towards river & thought that there is something wrong. Therefore, he followed Sima. He saw that she was going for suicide. He ran after her and saved Sima from jumping into the river.

She shouted leave me…I want to die…But the passenger did not listen to her and slapped her. He then tried to make her understand. She was crying loudly. After sometime, she stopped crying & wanted to leave the place. However, he asked her the reason of committing suicide.

Sima said that she loves someone whose name is Suraj. The passenger surprised by listening the name but did not tell anything. Sima told that she met Suraj in a temple & their love was at first sight. But they proposed to each other after becoming best friends. They met each other in the temple & become best friends and  then lovers. They also wanted to marry each other. Sima wanted that Suraj’s family should come first to her home with marriage proposal, as she is a girl. Therefore, she told Suraj to tell his parents. Suraj did so, but he did not think about the result. His parents refused for this marriage, because Sima was not fair and she was form lower cast and they forced Suraj to forget Sima, saying that if he will do anything against them then they will commit suicide. As Suraj’s family totally depends on Suraj he did not force them for this marriage and remained silent.

When Sima asked Suraj about their marriage, he refused to marry her and told her that I cannot live without you but I cannot marry you, because I cannot leave my family. Listening to all these from Suraj, Sima was so surprised and did not have any words to say to Suraj, only her eyes were full of tears.

From that day Suraj neither called her nor messaged her. However, Sima could not forget her love. Still she was waiting for Suraj thinking that one day he will come to her home with marriage proposal with his parents. Days passed, months passed and years also passed, but there was no message from Suraj. Day by day, she was becoming sick. Her family was also in tension about her marriage. As she was getting weaker, her marriage could not be fixed. She was a burden for her family. Everyone in her family was in tension but no one was there to share her sorrows. She thought that only by suicide everything would be all right. When she dies, everyone will be sad but after some days, they will forget her.

The passenger listened to her & told Sima that he knows her. Suraj is his best friend & his name is Sidharth. He had heard about her from Suraj. He requested Sima not to commit suicide & told that if Suraj is alive now only because of your memories, without your memories he is nothing. He is taking care of everyone but no one is there to understand him, not even his parents. If you will do like that he cannot excuse himself anymore. Sima requested Sidharth to ask Suraj to call her only once and left the place.

Sidharth also left the place and met Suraj. When he told Suraj that he had met Sima and save her from attempt to suicide, Suraj could not control his tears. He anxiously wanted to talk to Sima. Sidharth said she is also anxious to talk to you and requested me to say you to call her only once. Suraj called Sima when Sima listened his voice after a long time she was silent & could not speak anything. There were only tears in their eyes from both sides. After sometime they started to talk with each other. Suraj tried to make her understand that he loves her so much & his happiness is only Sima, but he cannot be selfish for his family. If they marry without their families they both may be happy but not others and without the blessings of family their married life could not be successful.


But whatever may be the situation Sima did not want to lose Suraj. Suraj also did not want to lose Sima but for his family he had to give up his love, happiness. He had no other option rather than to accept it.

Sima let Suraj to go from her life & to take care of his family, but could not forget her love. She was never ready to accept anyone as his partner other than Suraj. But she never diverted Suraj from his responsibility.


She finally decided not to marry anyone and stay with her parents to take care of them as a son. Both of them forget about themselves only they have to live for their families.



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