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Clang, smash, boom! “Why does it have to be so congested?” Omi got up read more

6     17.3K    2.9K    3

The Writer's Story
© Vijay Raja

Drama Fantasy +1

The men tied his hands and plastered his mouth just like they do in the movies and read more

7     864    70    6

Today marks the end of the dragons, the guardians of magic and the solemn protectors read more

26     18.9K    356    22

Suddenly the curse had read more

2     494    53    25

Her Alluring Eyes
© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy +1

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t read more

20     684    42    26

“Curse you to hell, Jack” Quentin growled at him. “Keep your shield on read more

23     25.2K    303    34

“So, kid what is your name?” asked read more

10     6.6K    235    39

© Rajvi Vaghani

Fantasy Thriller

There was a knock on the door and an ardent voice that could only belong to Mr. read more

14     13.9K    223    45

“A dream! Was it really just a dream? It could be” she thought “but how could it be? read more

11     18.7K    311    49

A thought provoking story about different yardsticks and gender bias of the read more

10     25.8K    224    53

Thunder and lightning were all I could see outside my bedroom read more

7     1.8K    112    65

A different type of Super hero, one who is one because he wants to complete his read more

33     292    30    78

Adventures of a team who help a king find out who stole his golden apples from the read more

12     2.5K    160    81

The Puny Girl
© Archit Modi

Children Stories Drama +1

She was feeling like she had been stuck under an read more

3     717    58    85

Reload 2.0
© Riti Aggarwal

Children Fantasy

My life’s been brilliant up till now. I’ve had a good upbringing, my parents read more

6     4.7K    348    87

A Land of Gnomes
© Arnav Murthy

Children Stories Drama +1

Tom wished it wasn’t raining. There wasn’t much to do at read more

25     200    23    101

Please vote me read more

10     4.7K    187    108

Star Light Star Bright
© Sai Chiinmayi j

Children Stories Fantasy +1

Anne was a poor orphan. The villagers were shocked to see Annie coming to the read more

3     367    49    114

The Magical Dream
© Aaradhya rajoli .

Children Stories Fantasy

Many years ago there was a boy named read more

2     1.7K    59    118

It is a world out of bounds for time and space; a world beyond man’s perceptions and read more

20     129    6    122

One thing common with all the superheroes is they use the same clothes every read more

3     364    24    142

I’m sure you think Rapunzel is the heroine and Mother Gothel is the villain of the read more

25     1.8K    170    154

A story of witches and wizards in a wizardry school a la Harry Potter and read more

68     2.7K    165    155

The Doors Of Doom
© Kanav Bhasin

Action Children +1

Suddenly Tom stumbled and fell. Then something happened and Tom went to read more

9     5.7K    82    171

What makes you think that her abnormal behavior is due to black magic or read more

14     15.1K    58    173

Winter's Gifts
© Nidhi Singh

Children Fantasy

The two children and the dog set off, wading through the bush till they reached a read more

56     17.1K    143    177

When he was going out of the store room he found a Golden book with hard-cover . He read more

7     3.0K    107    178

The Polite Woodcutter
© Angela M

Fantasy Inspirational

Suddenly, to his surprise, he magically appeared in a Blue Land. It was the most read more

4     56    3    198

I realized that I was standing in front of Yamaraj’s read more

10     102    3    200

The Ghost of Melissa
© Maitreyee Suresh

Children Stories Horror +1

Before I knew it, I was read more

7     302    33    219