Expectation & Reality Of Kota

Expectation & Reality Of Kota

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I was a resident of Delhi. After my 10th exam, I was willing to take coaching for JEE to get a seat in IIT. I explored a lot, saw ads of FIITJEE, Narayana, Aakash, Vidya Mandir classes, etc. Then finally I got to know about institutes in Kota, which is a city in Rajasthan.

Kota is a coaching hub for Engineering and Medical. Every year, around 1Lakh students come to Kota from different parts of the country for taking admission in the institutes. Institutes like Allen, Resonance, Bansal, Vibrant, etc. Provides top rankers from Engineering and Medical Field. People think, going to Kota will reserve a seat in IIT/AIIMS. But who knows the reality. Everything depends on hard-working, Luck and Caliber of the student. People also think that Kota is a Suicide point. Really? The reality is that Students are pressurized by their parents and then they commit suicide. Some Commit suicide by hanging and some by jumping into the Chambal river.

Then I went to Kota with my parents to take admission in Resonance (institute). I successfully enrolled and collected Study Materials, Umbrella, two pairs of uniform which is usually provided by all institutions in Kota. Then my parents started exploring hostels.

There are various types of hostels. Some have AC rooms, and some have cooler rooms. Then the rooms are classified into Balcony and Non-Balcony, and all are single rooms. While the time of booking the Hostels will give you a very warm welcome and they will explain their services that will be provided and they try to manipulate you.

After exploring a lot of hostels, my dad finally booked a single AC room. Although there was no student in that hostel it was new, but still, I agreed to stay. After 4-5 days when my parents were going back home, they said to the manager of the hostel to take care of me. The manager simply smiled and replied that he is like his own child, there is nothing to worry about. Then finally my parents went, and I started crying. Not because I was staying alone in the hostel, but for the first time I was going to live without them. I cried for an hour and then went to sleep. The next day I woke up early in the morning and started going through my study materials. The timing of the institute was from 3 PM - 8 PM. Then I got ready and went to class.

When I enter to the institution then I saw that some parents were clicking pictured of their ward in uniform. All the students were excited about the classes. When I entered the class, I saw that the class had a capacity of more than 200 students. First, two rows were reserved for girls and rest for boys. Then the teacher entered the class and instructed every student to chant Mantra, that was hanged on the wall. The purpose of the mantra was to make us realize that, we should never break the trust and faith of our parents and to always work hard to reach our goal.

After that, the faculty introduced himself and started teaching. The faculty were well trained and experienced, they taught each concept with live examples and much more. After the classes, I went back to the hostel and spoke to my parents, shared my experience of the 1st day. Then I revised the topics which were taught, had dinner and went to sleep.

After a week, new students came to my hostel, most of them were from Uttar Pradesh and one from Bihar. Later, we became friends. In our hostel, the manager arranged two pairs of badminton racquets. After the classes, we used to play for mind relaxation. Later, a lot of students started staying in the hostel and we all became friends.

After a few weeks, the owner of the hostel bought a puppy. The puppy was very cute and was of just 18 days. The puppy was crying initially, but later became a source of entertainment. After dinner, I and my friends played with that puppy. This is how I completed my 1 month in Kotayk parents informed that they were coming to kata and I got very excited.

The next day my parents reached, and I touched their feet. My mom bought my favorite homemade sweets which I ate like a monster. I was very happy, and I enjoyed the food. After 2 days my parents left, again I started crying, but this time only for 5 insisting of parents was a source of motivation for me. This way I started enjoying in Kota.

Institute conducts the test on a regular basis. Initially, in the first test, every student gets good marks, but then, the tests are prepared in JEE Advance pattern. The paper was very tough, so the good students started scoring poor marks. The total marks of the paper were 420. Initially, I scored 350 marks in my test, then my marks started decreasing. I got marks under 100. Some of my friends also got negative marks. Maximum students were under depression. In school, the students were marks oriented, but here they were more concerned about their ranks, as this would decide their batch.

This way I also struggled a lot. Sometimes my score was high and sometimes negative. Depression level was also very high. Whenever I get to know about any suicide case I got scared. Near my hostel, 2 students committed suicide. Students get demotivated. For this reason, institutes and many organizations conduct motivation classes. In a gap of every 3 months, my institute conducts motivation classes. Some of the students watch videos on YouTube for motivation. Like students usually watch 'Sandeep Maheshwari' Videos, who is a popular motivator. Most of the students can beer this type of pressure, but some are pressurized by their parents too. In every year around 12-15 students commit suicide.

On the other hand, some students are in a relationship. They are bothered about their relationship, not about their career. There are many sightseeing places in Kotolike Chambal garden and 7 Wonders Park. Whenever you will visit these types of places you will find only couples, who are students. Parents invest a lot of money, but these types of students break their trust and faith. Whenever the parent asks them about their studies, they tell don't disturb I am studying, but, they play games watch web series and movies for entertainment. Some are regular smokers and drinkers. These types of students are usually found near the tea stall. At times they create nuisance at midnight due to which studious student get disturbed. Warden is also involved in such types of activities.

But the question arises, Is Kota safe for the girls? The answer is no. Let me tell you a true incident. In Kota, for many years, there was a gang from Bihar and the name of the gang was ' Bihar Tiger’. The members of the gang belonged to different institutions. This gang is involved in every fight. The main reason behind the fight is girls. They are only fond of girls. If any member of the gang finds any boy talking with any girl they like, they simply call the members of the gang outside the institute or hostel of that boy and they start fighting. They have even killed a boy. Not only this, if any girl refuses their proposal, they start following her, stalk and say "I love you " on running vehicles. The institute has a good policy of Girl Child Council ling (GCC). These councilors deal with this type of problems, but they never take any strict action. At worst case, they simply provide guards to the girl for pick and drop facility. A lot of police cases have been registered, but no action has been taken yet. In a city like Kotoite police should take actions against the culprits.

Mobile theft is also a big problem in Kotahi you are a daily newspaper reader. You will find maximum cases of mobile theft. They have a proper strategy, if they find any person walking and talking on the phone, they steal the phone on the running vehicle, especially during evening time. One of my friends was also a victim of this case. Police are facing problems in finding the culprits because they cover the nameplate of the vehicle with white or black paper. So, every time when I go back to my hostel, I find a PCR van roaming on road warning on the same.

Now let me tell you something that I am interested in. In the morning you will find stalls of Poha, Jalebi, and Kachori everywhere on the streets. Even a lot of experiments are done on patties. Everyone has a different style. Some add chips, Kurkure, noodles, Masala and some add Chole into patties. in the evening you will find most of the students having varieties of patties. Well, these types of food items are at a very low price.

There are many Restaurants in Kota which provide Night home Delivery, and these types of restaurants gain a lot of profit because maximum students prefer that. The most common food item that is ordered is Maggie, Aloo Paratha, Chicken Biryani, and burger. Some of the students also smoke. They even order cigarettes from the restaurants, and they charge extra for it.

In Kota One of the most common diseases is Chickenpox. Every year you will find a student suffering from chickenpox in every institute and hostel. The student must miss a lot of classes due to this. The next common disease is Dengue. This disease is very dangerous. I was also a victim of dengue there.

During Diwali, institutes provide vacation. The excitement level of the students is very high. One of the most popular trains is Kota-Patna Express. This train is never at the right time and is always late by more than 10 Hours. Most of the students leave Kota permanently during Diwali.

During Winters, institutes provide a pair of Jackets which is compulsory for taking entry into classes. Students become so lazy during winters that they even miss their classes. Tea became a part of every student’s life in this season. Tea stalls have a huge students crowd.

Before coming back to home, Swiggy and Zomato were introduced. I was a foodie. I and my friends placed order regularly, not only 1 time but more than 3 times. In 2 months, I ate so much that my BMI was changed from Healthy to Overweight. At last, the day came when I must leave Kota, my mom came and bought some imported Chocolates, not for me, but for my friends and staff of the hostels. The staff was very happy. Then finally I packed my bag and next day boarded to Delhi

Overall journey of Kota was amazing, I had great memories and Friends.

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