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Chapter 1 - The Encounter

She has been walking for hours. Her feet are starting to bleed. But she can't stop moving.... she can't let him find her and moved as fast as she could and while she did so, Ava recalled the time when it all had started. It began about six months back when Ava had started to go to café of Ed Quinn - "Grey Rose Café". Ed had his eyes laid on her from the moment he saw her. He asked the barista to keep an eye on her and report to him whenever she came back to the café.

         The next day Ava came back to the café to continue writing her story, while she was busy writing, the barista reported her presence to Ed, her boss. He rushed to the café just to be mesmerized by her looks . As he reached he saw her anchored to her book. He sent her a little gift , a pastry through the barista .As the barista approached her she lifted her pearly eyes to give her a glance of those shiny eyes it was like casting a spell on the barista . As the barista gave her the pastry she thought to herself why would someone who she doesn't even know would send her a gift ,she asked her about the person who sent it but the barista's hands were tied to not reveal his identity.

         The next day Ava went to the gym as usual the entire gym vas vacant for her to practice. By a coincidence Ed was a member of the same gym, he forcibly got into the gym just to see the person who had the entire gym to themselves, and to his surprise it was Ava , and from that moment on the story started.

         Ed Quinn was the biggest mafia of London and had several businesses set up at 21 . As a child Ed hadn't experienced the joys of a child due to his family's financial condition. He had grown up seeing struggle and unhappy days ,and from that moment on he had decided that he would grow up to give his parents all the happiness in the world no matter at what cost. But luck was not by his side, until the time he had built his empire his parents were long gone ,but he didn't let that come in his way of success anymore . People feared him but also deep down they knew maybe it was for the betterment of the society.

         Ava was a student at Kingston High , a private school which only rich people could afford . Ava was a unique 18 year kid she had sparkle in her eyes, her lips shone like the surface of water beneath the sun ,her eyes were like white pearls casting a spell with those beautiful pearls ,her hair were like silk they waved in the air ,surrounding the place with lavender-ish essence of her hair . He had never felt this way but he cared to see the girl again and felt like a whole new person.

         Ava was the daughter of Mark Alberto ,a man of great pride who believed that a wealthy person could be married to only a wealthy person to keep the legacy going .He had promised Ava in marriage with Shawn, son of Liam Cruz who owned a million dollar company in L.A. Ava was unware that she was being sacrificed for business benefits.

         Due to all the rules and regulations laid upon Ava ,she had become a girl who didn't need a company as she enjoyed her own , she had a friend named Eddie who was friends with her since primary section. Ava only trusted Eddie and spent most time with him as her parents were busy living their lavish lives forgetting about their daughter's happiness , but Ava eventually got used to being alone in the big mansion with only house-help around.

From the day Ed met Ava in the gym and had practiced with her he wanted to know more about her , he got his people to get her address , her number and her family details .He was curious to know where she came from and it was an unexpected urge to know her .


Chapter 2 – Reality Hits

         After the search for the information of the mysterious girl Ed was given details and to his surprise she was the daughter of his biggest rival , Mark Alberto. Ed was left in awe after getting hit by the fact that she was the daughter of Mark. He recalled the incident that had lead to their rivalry

         The rivalry started when Ed had a shipment of advance armaments coming . Mark's men got this information and with ease and smartness stole some armaments for Mark. When the shipment arrived to Ed's surprise a number of armaments were missing . From that moment on Ed knew whoever had dared to steal from him wasn't going to have his pleasant days lasting for long. He got his men to search every part of the city and find the man who had done such a mishap . The search didn't last long and it was brought to Ed's knowledge that the miscreant was Mark Alberto. Ever since that day Ed had decided to destroy Mark's image and reputation . Ed caused several damages to Mark's reputation , meanwhile Mark waited for the perfect opportunity to harm Ed. And like any other rivalry it kept going on.

         "Boss" one of his gang members called out, bringing him back to the moment when reality had hit him.

        But Ed didn't care at this point she had cast a spell on him, he sent her a message "hey:)" having gotten the number from his men. At first Ava didn't feel like replying , the number was unknown , her phone beeped , another text from Ed "I'm the guy who met you in the gym when it was all booked for you.. remember?". Ava had looked into his eyes when she first saw him , she had seen pain , struggle and need for love in those deep brown eyes .She never felt the urge to talk to someone but she felt different, she felt like talking to him and help him with his pain . On seeing the message her eyes sparkled like a diamond , a little smile lit up her face , her cheeks turned red at the thought of him. She replied asking how he got her number, he didn't think it was necessary to answer that. He called her to her lawn, she went running just to find him standing there, looking his best , the breeze had his curly hair waving in the air. She went on towards him . He escorted her to inside the car , they both sat in awkward silence for a few minutes ,Ed collecting some courage , initiated the talk . After that there was no end to their talks, and unknowingly Ava fell asleep in Ed's car and so did he .

         When Ava got back to the mansion she had a glow on her face, a glow she never had maybe because no one had ever tried spending time with her except Eddie.

         She danced around in joy with a feeling she had never had before , the sparkle in her eyes got brighter , and her lips had a sugary sweet smile. While she was lost in her happiness , Rosa ,their house-help who had been working for the family for years now and had done Ava's upbringing while her parents were busy with their lavish lives. Rosa was like a second mother to Ava , she knew Ava better than Ava knew herself .

She felt dreadful to ruin the moment for her but her curiosity grew more and more seeing her twirl in happiness. She approached Ava and apologized to ruin her delight but also talked about her curiosity . Ava told her that Ed made her feel like she meant something to someone for once and cared about her feelings , her happiness, her pain .She felt like she was on cloud nine. She had never though she would meet somebody who felt her for who she was and not for her money. She grinned.

Chapter 3 - Hurting

         While Ava was still in her moment of happiness , her phone beeped , it was a text from Ed ," hey ,when would you like to hang out next?". Ava couldn't stop smiling at the text, she replied saying "how about after school?", Ed agreed. While Ava was at school she kept thinking of her conversation with Ed in his car , and his gentleness. She impatiently waited for school to get over.

         As the school bell rang, calling it a day, Ava rushed down the stairs and there he was , wearing a black leather jacket, a white tee (slim fit) keeping it plain . Ava approached him trying to hide her hysteria. She drove with him to his café, where he had first seen her. Eddie sat down with them, while he gave them company to make sure about the safety of his bestfriend, Ava. After some talk Eddie left for home, Ava and Ed had just begun eating when a voice of rage shouted out "Ava!!". To Ava's surprise it was her father, he pulled her and dragged her home . On reaching home he warned Ava to stay away from Ed and threatened her that if she wouldn't stay away , she would never get to see him again.

         Ava ran to her room and locked herself as the thought of not seeing Ed had hit her hard . While Ava was drowning in her pain , Mark in rage was headed to Ed's place, as soon as he reached there he warned him to stay away from his daughter or the consequences wouldn't be good . Ed laughed at Mark's words , he didn't fear anything until and unless Ava decided to stop seeing him . Mark told Ed that he had promised Ava in a marriage and that she would have no other choice apart from getting married. Ed wasn't shocked at the news as he knew that Mark would do anything for profit, even if it cost his daughter to be promised for marriage . He asked Mark if Ava was aware of it , Mark's reply didn't surprise Ed even now he said "not now but soon she will know".

         The next day Ed waited outside Ava's school. As the school ended Ava came out with Eddie just to see exactly what she needed, Ed . Tears ran down her face as she ran towards him , she held onto him tight ,her chest felt lighter , "I never want to loose you Ed" she said while pouring her heart out.

That's when it hit Ed, he was being cruel, unjust and that made him feel like a pathetic human. He wanted to tell Ava at that moment the truth but he didn't want her condition to worsen.

Chapter 4 - Falling

         After a long day Ava went to bed thinking of Ed , but as she was about to sleep to get herself some rest , Mark walked in , he in a bold voice said "Princess we need to talk" , Ava wasn't ready for anymore drama as she had had enough of it , she said tiringly "yes?". Mark told her that she had been promised in marriage with her colleague Liam. The news left Ava in awe and a storm of rage grew in her she kept thinking how could some parent do a thing like this to their child , against their will , without asking her. But that wasn't it , her father had another news for her ,"Princess you're getting married within two days ". Ava was left speechless , she felt that saying anything wouldn't change this cruel decision.

        Ava couldn't sleep all night , the only thought that ran on her mind was that if she would get married she would never be able to be with the person she actually wants to have a life with. She sat all night thinking of a way to escape the prison which was called 'her home'. She suddenly had a perfect escape plan to quit living by the rules of her parents and be with someone she wanted to be with.

         The next morning Ava hurried to school to talk to Eddie , she told Eddie how her father had sacrificed her for his own benefits without taking into consideration her happiness and her wish. She told Eddie about the plan she had thought of. Listening to her plan Eddie was left astonished , he stood like a statue thinking about her plan for about two minutes . "EDDIE!!!!!" Ava shouted, bringing him back to the moment. She asked Eddie if he would help her to finally live freely and also said that it would be totally fine if he wasn't in ."Girl are u crazy ? I would do anything for my best-friend's happiness no matter WHAT!". They both chuckled and hugged, Ava thanked Eddie for being such a wonderful friend and then headed to their classes.

         "TRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" the school bell rang announcing that the school was over for the day. Ava and Eddie had planned to go to his house to arrange everything for the plan.

         As Ava and Eddie walked past the school yard there was voice heard by the entire school " Ava Alberto will u take into consideration meeting me right now?" Ava's feelings exploded as she recognized the pleasant yet bold voice and she turned, flaring her hair surrounding the atmosphere with the lavender-ish smell of her hair. To her shock even after recognizing the voice she was left speechless to see Ed again after all that had happened . She ran towards him and hugged him like there was no other thing existing or there was not going to be a tomorrow . She smiled with tears running down her face and said "YES".

         Ava apologized to Eddie for having backing out of the home plan , but Eddie said that he would always be there for her , and at the moment Ed was more important to be with Ed.

Ava and Ed left in his sedan and reached his mansion, he escorted her into the mansion.

Chapter 5 - The Reveal

         Ava made herself home and sat comfortably on the couch while Ed got her some snacks and water.

         Ava was unaware of the storm that was going to break her. Ed collected courage while walking towards Ava who sat their with an innocent yet promising look on her face .Ed thought to himself in his mind "I can't do this, but I can't do this anymore to her , she deserves the truth even if it costs me loose her:(".

         Ed walked out of the kitchen ,advancing towards the drawing room where Ava patiently waited for him ,although scared of what her father would do after knowing she went over to Ed's house but that wasn't important as she wanted to know what was going on in Ed's head and was waiting to tell him about the plan.

         As Ed bent over to keep the tray on the table he saw into those pearly eyes of he which had innocence yet lacked happiness. He felt like a heinous person but after all he had to do it. As soon as Ava was about to finish her snacks ,Ed's fingers tensed around the object In his pocket , ready to pull it out at the moment's notice. His heart melt as what he was about to do could have several consequences.

         He sat closer to Ava, held her hand and said" Ava there's something you should know before I do what I'm about to". Ava was clueless of what was about to happen. She had just graduated from college . Ava said in a clueless tone "yes ?" . Ed knew it was now or never and never would do nothing good for them in the future.

         Ed sat down on his knees ,holding Ava's hand and said "Ava since the day we met I'd been with you just to take revenge from your dad for interfering and for trying to destroy what I have been building up since my teen years. I feel like a horrible person for doing this to you for my purpose. I don't know if you will forgive me or not but....(pulls out a ring box) Ava Alberto, WILL YOU FORGIVE AND MARRY ME ?"

         Ava's eyes widened tears rushed out she kept quite for a while but then as his words ran into her mind , she started developing a rebellious side ,in an outburst of feelings she wacked him and sat down in a sudden move as tears ran down her face. "The one person I finally decided to trust and here we are , I knew no one could ever be trustworthy enough and now u have given me several reasons to never trust anyone ever again. All I want to know is why you would you use someone for your personal grudge".

         Ed kept silent at first but the he couldn't resist but be completely honest with her. " I know what I did was totally unjust and unfair but I was not this person before , you have turned me into a completely person . At that moment all I wanted was revenge but now all I want is you. I know it sounds naïve but the past months that I spent with you have made me a different person and in the entire revenge process I have fallen for you, you make me a different person, you bring out the side of me no one has ever seen , your presence lightens up every corner you pass by and it has lit up a fire in me made my heart turn from cold hard ice to warm fire which ignites for you.I wouldn't loose you for even all the wealth in the world . I beg of you to give me one chance to bring that happiness to you which you deserve but haven't received .please Ava ."

         A gush of feelings ran through Ava's mind and heart , she was showered with reality and a huge surprise. Ava recalled all the time spent with Ed . Ava was a girl who believed in second chances , she told Ed that everyone deserves a second chance, so I forgive you but you will have to win my trust again all over. Ed was overwhelmed he told her he would do anything to win her trust back. They both sat down and talked for hours , Ed had almost won Ava back.

         Ava decided to stay back at Ed's place , they cooked dinner and went to get some rest . Ava had again found that feeling , she felt captivated by his charm and efforts to win her back. Ava had just put herself to bed when Ed came knocked o the door, asking for permission to come in. Ava chuckled and said "Ed this is your house you are free to come in anytime". Ed walked nervously with a fear.

         Ava noticed his nervousness and asked him about it, as soon as she did so, Ed held her hand and asked her if she would come downstairs with him for once, Ava agreed. Ed covered Ava's eyes while escorting her downstairs. As soon as they came down Ed lifted his hands from her eyes , Ava was left ensorcelled , she never imagined a sight like such arranged for her,. The room was full of scented candles ,fairy lights surrounding the hall and a circle made of rose petals , Ed took Ava into the bright red begird.

         He sat down on one of his knees and said" Ava Alberto I know I have hurt you, broken your trust but I regret it more than anything and honestly will accept any retribution for it but I want you to know that I have never felt this love for anyone else or feared losing someone this bad, so Ava WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Ava yelled in happiness "YES!" as soon as she was about to hug him they heard a loud thud. They felt some danger . Ed asked Ava to stay right there while he checks for any intruder. Within two minutes Ava heard noises as if someone were trying to free themselves for the clutches of something or someone, she rushed to see that her father had sent bodyguards to get her but Ed wasn't going to let anyone come between them this time . "We need to leave, now" said Ed. "But why ?" , "Your father won't let this happen and I can't loose you ,this time". "Alright but give me a minute to talk to Eddie about tomorrow's plan ." Ava called Eddie and went through the plan thoroughly and then both wished each other luck. "Can we leave this house and still be in New York ? It's my wedding day tomorrow so just for once can we stay?" Ed had no answer apart from agreeing to Ava's request.

Chapter 6 – Surprise!

         Ava and Ed stayed at a hotel in New York. Although they didn't tell each other , they both were frazzled and were worried what her father would do next. Ed never asked Ava about the plan as he didn't want her to think about it as she had already enough on her plate and he wanted her to be tension free and relaxed, but being relaxed and tension free wasn't possible for Ava as she knew what her father was capable of . They both kept up all night as getting some sleep was impossible and any mishap could happen while they were asleep and they were not willing to take a risk as it would cost them each other .

         The sun rose announcing the arrival of the next day in the shades of yellow and orange with the chirping and a misty smell in the air floated .It was a pleasant day yet both Ed and Ava's hearts pounded they didn't know where fate was going to lead them. They had their breakfast and checked out of the hotel .

         After an hour of their checkout was Ava's wedding , Liam stood there waiting ,wearing a blue tuxedo . Then walked in the bride wearing a beautiful white gown with a veil on ,walking down the isle slowly in a girly shyness .The bride stood by Liam while holding a bunch of white roses .

         As soon as the priest was about to start, Liam apologized for impeding , "Ava I just want you to know that I will nourish our marriage with love and care for you, together we can make this marriage and our businesses a success . And one last thing Ava I can't wait to see you in the gown can you please take your veil off ? "

         As soon as Liam said so the bride took a few steps back, Liam moved ahead to lift the veil and now the bride was left with no other option other than lifting the veil.

        The veil was lifted and so was Ava's dad's anger, the bride wasn't Ava , Eddie had come dressed so that Ava could escape with the help of Rosa. "AVAAAA!!!" Mark screamed in rage, "Mark is this a joke? Now I'll be the man who was left at the alter with no bride to be wed with .Our deal is off Mark".

But this was not the only surprise for Mark. Rosa , who had been working in the mansion for years ow had discovered the password to his computer where the record of all his illegal activities was stored, she had given the password to Ava so that even if her father finds them and threatens them they would have something against him . As Mark called out Ava's name in anger Eddie remarkably said" And that's my cue Adios Amiga ".

Chapter 7 - Unleash

         "Ouch" Ava exclaimed, returning back to reality .A thorn pierced through her skin but she couldn't let them find her .She tried moving fast but the thorn didn't allow her to move fast enough, she kept running and running while her feet bled . She wasn't just running for the m but was also trying to find Ed.


         Ava and Ed had eloped to Paris, Ed operated his work from there and had made Eddie's elder brother, Troy in-charge. while Ava worked at a law firm at a high post. They were doing quite well and had moved on from all their past events .They got married in the simplest way possible with only Eddie and Troy by their side.


         Ava had returned home after a long day at work, as soon as she opened the door of her house she found her father sitting on her couch with several bodyguards surrounding him ,Ed stood at the threshold of the house. Ava and Ed had planned for anything like this to occur, Ed lifted his finger and that's when the running started. As they ran Mark's bodyguards ran behind them , Ed and Ava ran for hours ,until they reached a forest . In the darkness both of them couldn't see the two different parents and not even each other , unluckily the went separate ways and kept on running until they would reach their backup place. As Ava ran for her love and life she wept tears fearing losing Ed and the life they had made together., suddenly a thorn pierced through her skin not allowing her to move fast enough but she couldn't let them catch her , she ran using all her willpower but it had to have an end , she stopped to take a little rest when she heard her father's bodyguards approaching .She knew she couldn't run fast enough so she hid in the bushes . Her wound was getting deeper and the bleeding wouldn't stop.

        As the bodyguards passed she climbed out of the bushes in severe pain .She ran into the other path which she could see under the dim moonlight , she couldn't even call out for Ed or she would risk the lives of them both.

         On the other hand Ed's energy was draining out he called up for help from Tony .Tony got armed up along other men to help Ed and Ava .

         As Ava reached a banyan tree she noticed the ark made by her and Ed as a landmark to know the hideout was nearby , Ava ran ahead leaving a trail of blood behind her .She reached the hideout in a lot of pain and there Ed was, waiting for her . The tables had turned around , the illegal documents that Ava and Ed had got to use in the future were named after Ava which by law made her the intruder . They were left blank as Mark had called the police on Ava , he had taken an oath to destroy her after she destroyed his profit and image by eloping with Ed .

Suddenly a police siren was heard Ava and Ed now knew they were at the dead end and nothing or no one could save Ava from being put away . The police had found the hideout ,they cuffed Ava and took her in the jeep leaving Ed all to himself .

Chapter 8 - Escape

         Ed was left to wonder how he would save Ava from the evil clutches of her father . He knew that Mark would go off limits to take revenge for spoiling his reputation, even if it meant hurting his daughter in every way possible , to warn anybody who tries to mess with his reputation.

         Ed called up Tony and asked him to come along with his gang to Paris and to also bring Eddie with them. Ed had something up his sleeves, after-all he was a mafia and knew ways to be set free but his ways could endanger Ava's life so he had to come up with something plain yet something slick. Ed had sleepless nights , concerned about Ava, how she would've been treated .

         After a few days Tony and all the gang members of "The Vipers" arrived , well along with Eddie and a huge tons of armaments . "Aight Vipers its time to save Ava, who all are with me ? "

        All the men in the room cheered ,agreeing to help Ava. From the moment on the planning had started , Ed had planned something brainy and wished for everything to go according to the plan. Ed asked Tony to find a girl and gave him details of the looks she should have , Tony started the search for "her". Ed asked one of the gang members, Asaf to break into a shop and get caught by the police. Asaf went down the street and broke into and clothing shop and somebody alerted the police after which he was taken into custody.

       Another gang member, Ralph applied for being appointed as a jail guard , and with luck by their side he was given the job. Ava was kept in a private cell , she had no cellmate.

         She knew that Ed would do anything to help her set free and bring the truth in front of the whole world.

        Ralph was made the prison guard near the private cell of Ava. Ralph taking advantage of the moment talked to Ava and explained what Ed had planned . "We thorough with the plan right ? " said Ralph, "What plan are you talking about mate?" asked the cell master. Ralph didn't see that coming and any wrong move could put all the plan in danger and Ava's security would be increased which would make it difficult help her escape. "This lady asked about the lunch so I went through the timings for her which are planned by you , so I was making sure she understood" , "oh" exclaimed the cell master in a doubtful tone . He went on along his rounds. Ralph and Ava sighed in relief.

         Asaf was kept in one of the cell near Ava's . Few days passed, in those few days Ed had the girl and offered her millions , she agreed. Ed also collected proof to bring out the truth. He contacted the only person who could prove Ava innocent and bring out Mark's dirt.

         Asaf was a prisoner for quite a long time before joining The vipers , he had learnt he art of having to hide things by making a pouch like sac in this throat , he had hid a little packet containing oil , he had Ralph to help him with the matchstick.

         One night after dinner was served and everyone was returning to their cells , Asaph went to the washroom and got the oil out. On his way to his cell he left behind a trail of oil , Asaph went into his cell and had disposed off the packet. In the meanwhile Ralph provided Ava with civilian clothes . Ralph the went ahead and dropped a lit matchstick on the oil, they made sure that the area didn't consist of any CCTV cameras. There was a fire within seconds. According to the fire drill the prisoners were taken out of their cells and taken to a safe place , Ralph took advantage of the moment as the water sprinklers were activated and the corridors were chaotic , he brought in the girl who Ed had paid millions , she wore the prison uniform, while Ava changed into civilian clothes , he quickly put the girl into Ava's cell who looked quire similar to Ava . He took Ava too the back side of the prison building which was left unvisited at all times, Ed's gang members had silently worked on breaking a part of the wall and put up a door there, Ralph, Ava and Asaf escaped . The girl in Ava's prison couldn't prevent them from recognizing her to not be Ava but it would buy them some tie , enough time to have a press release in which the truth would come forth .


         Reece's interview was all over and the police released the girl who had been put in Ava's place and arrested Mark with a lot ton of evidence. After they had gotten rid of the biggest hurdle they started a new life , Ava's mother lived with them and that's how their story ended.

----------THE END----------

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