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Dark is Divine

Dark is Divine

2 mins 10.3K 2 mins 10.3K

        "Dipped in chocolate,

         Bronzed in Elegance,

         Enameled with Grace, 

         Toasted with beauty,

         My Lord, she's a black


Yet, she was told that she isn't meant for being a diva. They welcome only 'BEAUTIFUL' and for beautiful being fair is quite mandatory.

Humans are like clouds some of them are black. It's as natural as other shades. People love black until and unless it's on their own skin.

India calls itself as a country which has unity in diversity. But behind this the real truth hides. People often seen saying that they oppose racism and beliefs that leads racism. But ironically, they are the one who practice it on a daily basis too. The truth is, we Indians are racist. The reason this is not taken seriously is because we have begged problems than racism. And that's perfectly ok. But sometimes it just gets out of hand.

We, people believe that children are the gifts of God but at the same time. A teacher tells a mother that her daughter couldn't play the role of a goddess in a play on Hindu mythology because how can a goddess b dusky! 

Someone's skin colour also gives people open hint from the place you must belong. If a dark person is from North still people will think he/she belongs to South just because of the skin color, how funny is that; as if a specific places have specific skin colour people.

In popular culture we should promote dark beauties. In TV serials, makers are so desperate to show that deal skinned young women are depressed about their complexion and it's a stigma. Funny thing is these people call the black American celebrities like Rihanna and Halle Berry as sexy but they want "Doodh so saphed ladki" as their bride. In India your chances of getting married depends on your skin colour.

It's not the entire country who discriminates yet there is a very large percentage of people who does discriminate on complexion. Being a dark skinned and on the top of it being a girl is difficult but not something to be ashamed of. We should all love the real us always be a first date version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else's​. Maybe people will be mesmerized by your beauty but one surely can mesmerize people with intelligence and above heart. Dark without apologies.

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