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As a shy and meek child, I was always at the receiving end of the school bully, Ashish. Taller and broader than most of us, Ashish had this great fascination for thrashing me and others of my kind during lunch. School became a place of terror for me and the only way I fought with the situation was gobbling up my food and hurrying out of the class during lunch. I hated school and kept waiting for the weekend. I never had the courage to speak to the teachers or to my parents about it, let alone speaking to him. I prayed though, for some massive calamity to befall upon him.

Years passed. I was now working in a far-off and unfamiliar city, away from family and friends. I used to crave for homemade food. Books became my only companion. Weekends were dreadfully boring.

One Saturday evening, as I was sitting alone in a crowded café, drinking a cappuccino, I saw, to my great surprise, Ashish entering the café. He was still the same, tall and well-built. Before I could react, he saw me. Maybe, I too looked the same, as he recognized me instantly.

“Tushar. Long time bro,” he cried out loud enough for everyone to turn towards us.

“Hey Ashish. Yeah long time. So what’s up?” I asked remembering very well his punches.

“Nothing really. Am new in the city. Was getting bored so came here. Glad I found you dude,” he replied as he joined me for coffee.

Somewhere in his eyes, I could sense some pain, some hidden sadness. Perhaps the calamity that I wished for him, had indeed happened.

Following coffee, we had sandwiches. I wanted to buy training shoes. Ashish helped me in that. After that we had dinner.

The hours just passed. The weekend wasn’t so boring. The city didn’t seem so unfamiliar.

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