Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

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I am happily tied to this ceiling room since 4 years through my long root shaft. I am having stout four tapered blades which are actually my legs which keep on rotating. So whenever, my owner wants my service, she has to switch one button which is on a white board, pasted on a wall and I will start working. I am the only cool mechanical thing in my occupant’s room. My occupant is 50 year old age lady and who loves to take cat nap most of the time and that’s why, I am giving the service of almost of 24 hours to her. She rarely makes me to have rest. Although, I know, I am machine but I know she is trying to make me look like her. It’s true that when you get old, then your all senses also stops to work.

Today, suddenly my motor demands the maintenance grease but this woman is not paying any attention to me. Now I am suffering and two days after, I have started to make sound of ‘errah”. This “errah” sound is making her irritated and by hearing this “errah” sound, she just can’t get her nap and now this afternoon she is getting up from her couch with a thought on the  mind. Now, I think she will take an action. After getting up, she directly goes outside and comes up with a long wood log. And now it makes me worried, what she is gonna to do with it? While I am still scratching my head in order to get the logic of this log, she stops exactly under me. Then she moves towards the switch board and stops my power. So now I am not working but I think, my brain is also busy in taking rest. Then she stands few meters away from me and then she starts to stir me with this log which she is holding in her hand. Oh my God, now she is trying to make me work without any power source. How greedy she is! She repeats this mind boggling phenomena thrice. And then with this much hard work, she finds herself gasping for the air. I think, she forgets that she is an old woman who is not having anyone to take care of herself in this world. And loneliness has led to rust her iron brain. But on positive side at least, she is making an effort to change the status quo. Then she makes her body to move towards the switch board which is hanged on the wall which is few meters away. She has taken this room on rent purposely as she need not to move much in order to do or grab anything and everything has been adjusted within this small space. She is an intelligent woman in some ways, I think. Okay, now after reaching to this board, she presses the second white button which pumps the electric power into my nerves and I have started to rotate but with the same annoying sound, “errah”. Now this lady is making face on my illness and silently, I think, she is cursing me for not serving her properly. Then she comes back to her couch and is just sitting on it instead of getting laid out on it. She is thinking something now.


Since three days has been passed, I am very sick but this oldie is not in mood of calling my consultant which should be here on my first reaction of the sickness. Now I have also feeling of dizziness and my speed has also somehow lesser than earlier which used to be. My sickness is making her to not to sleep properly and she is sleeping in night time only by opening the door so that her room can suck more air for her. But external system is not synergizing her and heat is also getting increased day by day which makes her sweaty. Her sweat makes her to call the mechanic finally. Mechanic comes in the room and after observing the room which actually is not having much stuff and in one corner, gas stove with few utensils partners who are standing in arrogance, are present. And when he rotates his eyes to another corner, a red colored trunk is sleeping on which “Sonia Devi” name is engraved. So not to make a situation complicated out of muteness, he addresses her by name, “Sonia Devi” and asks for the problem. Then in order to save her energy for hibernation, she just points her middle finger towards me. Then this lean mechanic after doing something with the switch board, is asking for a ladder. Then my senile owner walks from the room and comes after few minutes, with a ladder. Then with the help of this ladder, mechanic is unbolting me from my origin. After so many years of attachment to this roof, I have started to consider her as my mother and I am not feeling very good. And after having me, this man just takes me to the ground. While this room occupants is just busy in staring this male from a corner. Then this expert has removed my all clothes in order to inspect the problem. By inspecting for 15 minutes, he said to my owner, “it will take 3 days to repair.” My owner without blinking, opens her mouth and said, “Why so much time?” now, he starts to explain in technical term which she can’t understand and then she asks him to explain in layman language. Then he explains that this motor has to be replaced. Then with worried look, lady asks about the charges which seems to be unaffordable to her, when she hears it. Now she is contemplating about the cost and in very low tone, asks. “There is no alternative as I am not having much money to pay?” Then after few seconds of hearing this money problem statement, this man said, “Would you like to have small table fan in exchange of this almost dead ceiling fan.” Now my open wounded body is having mix feeling and I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad. After few minutes, old woman gives nod by her head and let him to take me. It’s true that your action decides your destiny and I have served my master old lady very faithfully till now and but let us see how this new master will give me a new life by repairing.

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