The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

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Are Dreams Just DREAMS?

Are Dreams Just DREAMS?

4 mins

Like all other Indian Parents, my parents too had dreams for their First Child. And then on one Fortunate day Biologically or with the Grace of God I was born and became a part of their Dream.

Since Childhood, I have seen them dreaming that on one magical day their daughter will stand wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck and injection on her hand.

Instead of dolls, my toy collection was flooded with Doctor Sets. Dad started calling me Meri Doctor Beti and seeing that spark in his eyes I also made this as my Dream. But the question is was that my Dream, my own Dream?

As I grew up my Dreams started showing mutations if today I want to become a Cricketer then tomorrow I thought of flying an airplane. But but but they were absolutely my own Dreams.

I was seeing them with my naked eyes, I could feel the contentment I will be getting seeing myself becoming what I want.

Years went Dreaming and contemplating and each time I use to hear Mom and Dad talking about me becoming a Surgeon I lost all my courage and back stepped and just think and think too much. Finally, when I was about to take Medical I went to my Dad and just blurted out everything and to my shock, he was convinced he said it's okay you may drop Medical and follow your Dreams my Child and I was the happiest person on the earth until that day. Because the bomb was planned but not planted.

While I was dreaming of chasing my Dream, Destiny was planning something divergent to my passion.

I was so nervous and anxious about my results but some part of me knew that my determination and hard work will pay me and I will be able to go out and make my career and will achieve all I wanted. My results were out, I scored very well and this was the point where instead of happiness I got the bomb which was about to burst in seconds.

The words of my Dad were "Beta I m Proud of you my love, I think you should not go out and stay here Prepare for UPSC examinations and make your family proud".

And I was truly shattered.

I Loved my Dad so much that the only word I spoke was" Yes Dad".

This time I thought I won't Dream, Dreams are good inside our minds and in reality, there's nothing like Dream come true.

I started preparing for it there was no single day when o didn't hear from my family or Friends ab to you are going to be a big officer, don't forget us, and blah blah. But they didn't know that I have started forgetting myself, I don't know who I am what I am. Everything around me was like a man-made disaster. I stopped sleeping because if I sleep I'll see a dream which would again Break me down. A point came where my tears also dried up there was no emotions inside but has to wear a mask of smiling face for my Dad who loved me more than anything in this world.

I could have boycotted or revolted with him but instead of that, I was trying to win a war inside me.

I know I still have my dreams hidden somewhere because each time I saw my other friends becoming something I use to remember and recall my dreams.

And Finally, after years of war, I won the battle with thousands of wounds and millions of scars. I could see everyone happy around me and I was standing again wearing that mask because I don't know whether to be happy or cry.

Yes I achieved a very big throne, yes I did a very magnanimous job but still, my question is did I follow my Dream?

I have read and heard a lot of books and stories which say that follow your dream and don't let your dream just be a dream and many such philosophies. But the reality of my life didn't change with these notions.

I accepted everything around me and was happy seeing everyone happy around me. but one thing which will never let me sleep is still my Dream.

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