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Veda priya kotgire

Children Stories Classics Fantasy


Veda priya kotgire

Children Stories Classics Fantasy

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp

4 mins 238 4 mins 238

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named as Aladdin. He lived with his mother and his pet camel in a small village of Arabia. The only relative of Aladdin and his mother had was a distant uncle who hardly kept in touch with them. When Aladdin and his mother were finishing there daily chores, Aladdin's uncle showed up in their house. Then, Aladdin's mother said 

'Brother! What a pleasant surprise, it has been so many days since you have visited us!!' 

'Aladdin come here! see this is your uncle you had seen him when you were a little boy'

 then Aladdin comes and sees his uncle and then Aladdin greeted him nicely Aladdin's uncle then said,

 'oh! wow what a handsome boy you have become Aladdin, But,i am really sorry to see the state of thing you have to live in sister actually Let me take Aladdin with me and i will find him some work. Once he has earned enough i will bring him back home.'                                                                'Till then, keep this piece of gold to make your living'

Aladdin takes the piece of gold and his mother then says 'oh brother! Thats a great idea! it will make Aladdin learn some work with you'

The next morning... Aladdin's uncle and Aladdin left. They walked through many villages and towns . After one day of walking they came to a quiet place outside one of the villages. There were many caves and tunnels there. Aladdin was a lot surprised that his uncle had brought him to such a mysterious place before he could say a word his uncle said 'I have a Job for you here'

Aladdin was pretty surprised Aladdin's uncle pointed out to a dark large stone with a ring drawn on it and said 'i want you to lift it'. After putting a lot of effort he finally was able to lift it.

After lifting the stone he finds a dark narrow passage . Aladdin's uncle said that there are a lots of gold coins and treasure in the passage and he asked him to go and get some of it. Aladdin goes inside the passage and does everything told...... after giving some of the treasure, Aladdin's uncle starts behaving strangely.

Aladdin asks his uncle to help him come out of the dark deep passage but, his uncle rudely says 

'ha ha ha i am not going to help you! why do you want to come out, just to tell everyone where the treasure is...' and then Aladdin's uncle closes off the passage with the same rock.

After some time, Aladdin keeps thinking and looking at all the things in the passage and then, he finds a mysterious lamp when he rubs it a bit a genie comes out of it and says

'hello master! I am Robin the Genie! what wishes do you have,what do you want me to do?'

Aladdin immediately asks the genie to take him home. in no time Aladdin finds himself at his house. 

He gives all the gold coins he had brought to his mother and it was enough for them to eat for the week.Next week Aladdin rubs the lamp again but this time another genie comes out of it and says 'hello master i am David the genie! what do you want me to do?'

Aladdin asks the genie to get some of the gold from the passage and the genie does what had been said.

one fine day, Aladdin saw the princess of Arabia and fell in love with her when he told his mother about it she agreed to let Aladdin marry the princess. Next day Aladdin went to the king of Arabia that is, the father of the princess to ask the princess hand for marriage. the king asked a lot of questions to Aladdin and Aladdin answered all the questions properly seeing the loyalty and honesty in Aladdin the king let his daughter marry Aladdin.

Aladdin and the princess got married and were living a great life seeing this Aladdin's uncle got really jealous.

one day, Aladdin's uncle said started sweet conversations with the princess and took her to his house and locked her up. After some time he started giving orders to the princess.

He asked her to get a glass of water, the princess realized that he had cheated her. she got him the water but had mixed some sleeping powder in it, after drinking the water he quickly fell asleep while he was sleeping, the princess quickly escaped. 

After she came out she went to Aladdin and said him everything that had happened,Aladdin slowly went to his uncle's house and took him to the police while his uncle was asleep.When his uncle got up he found himself in the jail.

Aladdin's uncle stayed in the jail for rest of his life and Aladdin lived a very happy life with his princess ever after.

            moral: never do bad to others if you do bad ,one day it will come back to you!

story written by- K VedaPriya


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