After 3 Years

After 3 Years

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So here it goes! Reunited after 3 long years. It takes a lot of effort to get in close with some people and maintain trust with each other. The three friends namely Karry, Mansi and Gita were so close with each other since school times. Due to some reasons they were being separated by one mistake by Karry.

After 3 years Karry was very nervous and excited as to how the both friends will react and how things were changed between them. But luckily all the friends were as of same nature and only some things were changed between them. Secrets were safe between them and they met as if were recollecting all the best memories made by the school.

Friendship should not be broken and it is really important to have people in life. Some people may forget all the things done in life but some people never forget that what we have done with them in past.

Sometimes its just the words that describe how life is or how people are. But few things remain same and are being forgotten.

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