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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Janani Devulapally



Janani Devulapally


A Master Like No Other

A Master Like No Other

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I saw a powerful man strenuously working every day to bring justice to people's life. it was just amazing to watch the most dedicated person like him and I am overjoyed, he is my Master. I had a wonderful experience during my internship. It was the CIC(Central Information Commission) Office in Delhi, I just came here for a one-month internship course as my Dad suggested. I was a novice to visit such an office and had little known of my duties to be performed. 

There was a legal assistant translating Bengali to Sir, as the appellant from the other side was putting forth his submissions through the video conference. I was observing everything but actually nothing entered my mind as I was in a daze about my stay in a PG for the first time, I had never been anywhere alone. There was one of the other members from my family or friends along with me, this time it was something different. 

Sir asked me if I had known any work in drafting orders, I said," I just have an idea but if you allow me, I will learn it soon." 

Then he handed me a book, the bare act of RTI. I was holding it carefully and still I could picture the moment, I was stumbling out of fear and Sir asked me to refer Section 3 and I read it aloud. Then he was addressing the appellant in the video conference and dictated the judgment summary to Churchi, his legal assistant who was making notes in the computer beside him. 

My Dad who brought me there thought I might get embarrassed and gave an understanding look as he was getting up from the seat. He informed Sir that he had to leave to his office, then they both shook hands and My Dad waived at me. 

Inside my mind, I was screaming, "Dad, please stay for some more time."

Sir gave all the instructions to Churchi Mam in order to explain to me everything and Even I found her so patient and amicable in nature. 

I got to know the exact process in the next two hours, I had no lunch because there were butterflies in my stomach already and thought that is more than enough for me to handle these new things. I was reading the provisions. It happened for two days, Sir noticed my anxiety and nervousness. He called me and spoke to me in an affectionate manner saying, "I think you need a constant monitor to push you in everything right!"

I was even more terrified, and replied: "Sir, I have learned the drafting part, I will do it now if you send me the files..."

Sir said, "Yes, but before that, you have to do something more important."

I was thinking and gave a pause. Sir and Churchi giggled at each other. You are going to accompany me in the Lunch hour.

OMG, the toughest challenge I knew but I said, "Sir, I already..."

But Sir was not ready to accept and said firmly, "No more explanations, see you there in 10 minutes."

As there was no other option left, I had to force myself to eat something that the PG owner has made for lunch. 

It was so difficult for me to complete the whole box. I left some portion of it and Sir got a call, I thought I was escaped and closed my box but to my surprise, he was offering me his box to eat. And then I hesitated for a while and showed my cheating trick to which he made an annoying face, I didn't want to waste his time so I ate half chapathi.

Day by day, it was like a sporty track playing back at me, I was so busy all the time with some of the other work in the Office. Sir was very compassionate towards me, as he was concerned a lot about me, one day I had not gone to the office due to stomach upset, he made a call to my Father and inquired about me. When my Dad explained this, he offered me to stay at his home throughout my internship. But my father did not agree and suggested it is better to be at PG and I will recover soon. Then Sir invited us for lunch and dinner, but due to my Dad's busy schedule. We could not visit his home. Sir called my Dad so many times, and My Dad asked if I was okay with it. Then I said, "Your Wish Dad". The three most common words I use whenever I speak to my Dad. 

After two days, as usual, I went to the Office and gave my submissions which were not expected by Sir. He said,"I got to hear from Your Dad that you were unwell, I tried to reach your place as well...It's Green Park extension where exactly do u stay? but Your Dad seems to be a busy man right!"

"Yes, Sir! My Dad is ...", I replied.

Then Sir praised, "that's his duty-bound nature, and I respect it!"

He added, "at the same time, I shall finish all my obligations too. So I decided J shall feed you in my Office..."

I didn't know how to react first and then how do I escape from it?

From that week onwards, he always carried an extra box for me. It was more than what I call as pampering a baby but I liked in a way that nobody had ever shown such care and love on me. Earlier, I was sulking on my Mom as she was not calling me to know my whereabouts and this time I had no such feelings. 

Sir and I shared a lot of memories from our past and he always made me laugh narrating his childhood incidents, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him during our lunch hour. 

Sir figured so many hidden facts about me that I never shared and it was so thrilling to me as he used to crack jokes from movies, his spontaneous humor while family discussions, etc. He's even noticed my strengths and weaknesses and had appreciated me so many times for my art and work. He always pointed out that whatever I do has a passion for it especially writing and of course, I knew that each and every detail Sir had drawn from me was absolutely right. I shared my content writing knowledge and creative writing skills as well, to which he gave me some other works and I had done everything with efficacy. He was searching for new ideas to design the cover page of the book he penned down, It was titled, "IS BRIRBING A FAMILY AFFAIR?" And I have given him a few suggestions which he responded in a positive way and told me to proofread it, I had taken a few days of time to complete the work. We eliminated the unnecessary content and removed all the errors in it. The book was done and gone for publishing on that day after finalizing it. Sir was extremely happy and ordered himself a classic novel for reading and he wanted me to choose options as, he was curious just like a child when he was reading books and this observation was so lovely, I had clicked a picture without Sir noticing it when he was reading a book, and I sat beside him working, it was a selfie and posted it on Facebook, the next day Sir woke up to find his picture. He told it was pretty good that he did not pose and seemed natural. I really find his approach very inspiring and wanted to explore many skills. One day, he invited me to a workshop on "Digital Land Records" for which he had made some arrangements to paper presentation and I was required to collect some information and make a folder. It was quite easy for me and I had submitted my work as per the criteria. My Dad called me and said he is going to drop me at the venue, SCOPE Complex Lodhi Road, Delhi.

With so much of love, The Days passed by sooner and the Day came when I had to leave the office and it was the most confusing state of mind for me to decide to stay back till the Independence Day or go to Hyderabad because 7th August, was Raksha Bandhan which I never missed and would never in my lifetime. Sir was already planning to visit Red Fort on Independence Day and told me he would like to celebrate Independence Day along with me. He even said he will be taking me to the Central Library, Delhi University where I can borrow books as he had the special membership as he is popularly known as red line professor for his traditional way of putting tilak on the forehead and also held the position of registrar at NALSAR, Hyderabad. But the times change everything, On the last day in the office, Sir came early and went home late just to spare some extra time with me. There was a missing thing happening within me already and I felt uneasy with it. Sir presented me with different books of his authorship and his favorite classic novels, pens, journals, and diaries. I was delighted to get such precious gifts. 

I took his blessings while coming and he did bless me and said," there is a lot in you, you will achieve it." 

on the way to the airport, I told my Dad that I didn't feel like going back home. But my Dad, as usual, said, "Rascal, you are a big loss of India to me!" Then we giggled at each other. As I got seated in the plane, my mind was completely filled with thoughts recollecting people our memories, actions, smiles, everything. The most cherishable moment for me as it is not just me who gets excited to talk to Sir, the same feelings were reciprocated by Sir as well to speak with me. He was fond of me so much that I never imagined anyone at that age behaving with me just like a supercool friend and he often told me, he never found a student as interesting as me. When I returned Hyderabad on Friendship Day, I was upset and tired as my friend did not turn up for the meet we have on that occasion. 

The next day was Raksha Bandhan, I woke up at 9 am, and saw the messages where Sir texted me, "MY SISTER IS OUT OF STATION SO MY WIFE TIED THE RAKHI TO ME, SOON I CAME TO OFFICE AND FOUND YOU MISSING...HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN"

I was so overwhelmed to see that message and thought I should meet my great teacher again to Express my gratitude and soon he came to Hyderabad for a seminar, to which he had called me several times to attend the session, I had some other plans so by that time I had reached the venue, the Birla Science Centre. It was too late and I did not meet Sir, but then he called me again and invited for a round table conference at a press club to which I had arrived on time. It was a book release of the recent book written by him. I remember doing proofreading and editing part to the book in the Office and he liked my work so much. He even called my Father and said that My Father is fortunate to have a daughter like me and I am a girl with dedication and passion. My Dad was so happy that day I still remember him repeating those words with a great feeling. 

As I was waiting for his arrival, Sir called me so many times that he wants to make sure I reached the right place and had no confusion in the address because he knew I came by Scotty, people were already to encounter with the questions and he just came in and the conference began with a bunch of media people around him and the other members of the chair or conference, there were a lot of questions and answers session and then the book release, I sat somewhere at the back corner because I had no space in the front rows. I thought Sir will not be able to find me so I thought I will meet him at the end. But to my shock, Sir said, "I would like to give the first copy of my book to my beloved student Janani Devulapally."

I was so blank and had no words, Did I hear it properly, he added, "Janani Devulapally, please come on to the dias!" I felt embarrassed at first as I got up from the chair I was sitting in the back so I had to walk around in order to pass there and in this due meantime, Sir gave a brief about me in the mic, that I had assisted him to turn all his efforts into his desired book with my proofreading and writing skills. And there were concluding speeches and photographs clicked to end the press meet, everyone was distributed with the savories. We exchanged shake hands and still at that busiest moment, he was feeding me my favorite sweet Jalebi and I was terribly shy to get that special attention from such a great personality. The affection we share is Immeasurable and I feel it always stays close with us I felt so special and that day is memorable to my heart to date. I am eternally grateful to my greatest Master, Shri Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu, a renowned professor, Former Information Commissioner, a critical writer and the most admirable human being I have ever known in my life. and I am glad to be his beloved student forever.

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