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5 Practices For Productivity

5 Practices For Productivity

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Outsourcing increases the productivity of a company in many ways, giant companies like Amazon, small businesses, and startups are all aware of this fact. Primarily, by directing employees’ focus into more meaningful tasks while the tedious ones are outsourced.

Numerous sectors have comfortably become reliant on the expertise of these outsourcing teams, both domestic and overseas. They opt for their assistance in one or more daily services to cut costs; <a href="">outsourcing customer service</a> and IT are at the top.

But…What if these outsourcing teams could be made more productive?

Outsourcing can be super beneficial for any company’s improvement. But this would have little or no effect without strategic management.

Here are some of the best practices to make your outsourcing team more productive:

1.   Employ structured management to simplify communication.

Communication can be a major issue, especially if the outsourcing team you are working with is large or you are outsourcing more than one aspect of your business. A smart move is assigning project managers or team leaders. This simplifies the way you contact with the team and how the team reports to you.

Also, the presence of a leader encourages members of the team and introduces a sense of responsibility. 


2.   Simplify tasks.

Outsourcing large tasks can difficult as it requires vigorous planning. Also, it can be overwhelming for the team to work out and the output is below par and long delayed.

Again a smart move is breaking down the huge task into smaller parts as goals for a day. This gets easier to achieve for the team and gives a sense of accomplishment and increases productivity.

Productivity comes with proper time management. Setting up times for each of these small tasks makes it easier to get the job done.


3.   Add flexibility to the daily routine.

The difference in time zone is a huge factor encircling the outsourcing business. Your comfortable hours of work may not be comfortable for your outsourcing team. It is essential to organize a workflow so that they work in their time zone they find most suitable.

Micromanaging and commanding work hours for your outsourcing team is a catastrophic approach. Letting your team know about deadlines is fine and healthy, but it is better to allow your team and the project manager to decide on how to meet those deadlines as per the SLA.


4.   Maintain healthy communication.

Communication has a vital role to play in any kind of team management. Without it, workflow and motivation go astray, expectations cannot be relayed, and performances cannot be measured.

Implementing daily or weekly meetings with your team at suitable times is a healthy way of measuring their performance metrics.


5.   Show gratitude.

A simple 'good job' is a more powerful statement than a mere 'thank you'. People like the feeling of appreciation, even if it's a simple gesture. This goes a long way in keeping your team focused at work and maximize productivity.

These above strategies are not just meant for increasing productivity; these also promote good terms between you and your team. Happy employees who feel appreciated and more connected to the company they work for eventually perform their best and increase productivity.

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