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When did you grow

When did that seed sow

I saw you every day from the window of my room

I guess, every season, I saw you bloom

Mom says you are older than me

Dad says there are so many things to be learned from thee

I wonder if you will ever speak

Or will you ever go weak

They say you were a sapling before

Intact since years on the floor

You must have been tired

For all the wiseness you have acquired

Give me some of your wisdom

Cause I am very dumb

I thought everyone can learn from you

But there are not many trees in this queue

I sometimes wonder why people only nurture their pets

But not trees, despite all the benefits everyone gets

But I hope they will understand your importance

And get to know what could happen in your absence

I still don't know when were you born

But I promise I will never leave you lorn

I might not know what can I learn from you

But you will stay here on Earth, to make it bluer

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