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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Chaitanya Desale



Chaitanya Desale


When I Have My Lappy

When I Have My Lappy

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Since many days, I am alone at home.

Nobody calls me , what a waste even that phone.

I switched on the tv, there is "India poochega sabse Shana kaun."

But I want to watch movie with my popcorn.


 I am so bored of apps like angry birds and flappy.

 But thanks god, I have my lappy.

  When I have my lappy, I am so happy .

 I forgot the whole world and just drink the coffee.


 It's time to watch  fast and furious 7.

But my friend says watch attacks of 26/11.

 I told him  buddy that movie is too old.

 But he told me that old is gold .


we have decided: lets do the toss.

The one who win becomes the boss .

So we have did head and tail.

 But oh god I am failed.


Now I have my lappy. But he is happy.

 I forgot about popcorn and just eat the toffee.


After some hours, I want to listen to music.

 I like hip hop but my friend like classic.

 I have played some songs of yo yo.

 But my friend simultaneously said no no.


So I have cancelled my plan of music.

And thinking of another topic.

 I have decided to watch some images.

 It includes actors ,actress, their posters and poses.


 I have started watching images of Varun Dhawan.

 My friend said he wants to watch Amitabh Bachchan.

Once again I have cancelled my plan.

And thinking of him, how is this man?


Now I have my lappy. But nobody is happy. 

I forgot the whole world and started to being choppy.


Then I have quarrelled with my friend.

Due to that reason, our friendship is going to end.

My friend is so sad & leaving my home.

After that , I opened google chrome.


I started facebook, twitter & you tube.

then video is buffering & I am playing rubic cube.

Yet that video not started & I am feeling bored.

I shut down the lappy & placed it in cupboard.


Now I don't have lappy & feeling alone.

Wants to call someone & I bring the phone.


I opened recent contacts & there is number of that friend.

I remember that moments, which we have together spent.

I felt guilty, because I broke his heart.

I decided to say sorry & lets do the fresh start.


I started my bike & reached his home.

I rang up the bell & here he comes.

I just said sorry & nothings more.

He said ' dosti me no sorry, no thanks ' & it's over.



Now I have my friend.

whose friendship is never going to end.

Now friendship is my world. And friendship is trend

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