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Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


Welcome To The Circus Show...

Welcome To The Circus Show...

1 min 219 1 min 219

Welcome to the circus show

The nation wants to know

What was the attire of the celebrity while going for the investigation?

Screw trivial issues like death and starvation…

Welcome to the best detective agency in-country

Secrets should be unraveled, why bother about anyone’s privacy!

Chase that car, it shouldn’t leave the site

Who gives a damn about farmers’ rights?

Welcome to the haunted house

Did you hear the good news given by some random celebrity’s spouse?

Let’s not be bothered by the horrors of climate change

Or the daunting reality of a student’s future, dreams, and education are deranged!

Welcome to an esteemed university

Students are trained to be puppets of bureaucracy

Teaching people about health and hygiene is such a waste of time

There are advertisements for that, they will be fine!

Welcome to the fourth estate

We capitalize on your grief, frustration, fear, and hate

Voice of the people, fourth pillar of democracy? Sorry, brother you got it wrong…

Because real journalism is dead, it’s long gone…

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