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Hey there! I feel nothing.

I don’t feel the pretty butterflies giggling around me,

I don’t feel the sturdy dogs howling beside me,

I don’t feel the enchantment when someone passes across me

There is no excitement of youth's tosses

And I am not sad anymore for anyone's losses.

I wonder what has happened to me,

I wonder if this is alright to be.

The scent of the flowers,

The gleam of the cars,

The child's innocent laugh,

The heartbeat's monsoon graph

Its numb

It might be dumb

But I am here standing all alone.

Staring at the wall continuously

Painting my own canvas on it..

A deep dark nothing.

Watching the fan rotating and wondering if it was me

Flowing like a circular wave


There is no one around

Just my thoughts surround

Embedded in my heart

Are dreams which had part

They haunt me know, they'll kill me soon

Hidden in my smile I got this eerie of gloom.

To feel everything is a curse they say

But to feel nothing might end up your day.

Caged is my mind

Caged is my heart

All my senses feel caged so far.

All I feel is being caged in a bar.

O dear inner self!

Thou thoughts are like braided hair

Entangled, intertwined

And full of despair

What they mean to say you know not

You don't even have the will to fight

You're so caught.

Just waiting to find a bulb

Maybe just a flickering one

Which shall symbolize thy heart..indecisive, unsure, incapable of being truly admired...

But just for the sake of love and duty,

You keep on limbering, trying ;

To enlighten the deafening blinding darkness

Which haunts

Which taunts

And leaves me

In this sub urban murkiness.

Ohh this unfathomable nothingness

That entirely fills me up.

What irony!

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