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Deepa Acharya



Deepa Acharya




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#I For India

Oh, my dearest motherland India, we are Indian

For your independence freedom fighters had a great contribution

Oh, my beloved country

After a long struggle, you reached your destiny

My Mother Land has been independent for 73 years

India is named after the river Indus

For every nation, a flag is a necessity

It is a symbol of a free country

Tricolour was adopted during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly

It consists of three colours green, saffron and white

From these colours, green symbolizes growth and purity

It shows the culture and fertility

It has strong emotional correspondence with safety

Moreover, it represents faith and chivalry

It is a symbol of life and vibrancy

It also represents the generosity

Moreover, it shows greenery

It also represents prosperity

Proud to be an Indian

My India, my nation

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