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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Trapped In A Purpose

Trapped In A Purpose

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Dark days dwelling in dirt delayed by deity's merciful demeanor,

drained a person with a dream in mind yet to be seized.

Raising from the acceptance of defeat,

yearned for triumph a raging John Doe by re-establishing the rules of his living.

Enforced against his walls of flaws emerged a soldier

to fight against the barriers that come across the path that leads to his destiny.

Acknowledging the endeavors of achieving his purpose,

acquainted with meticulousness acquiring an imperishable status for himself deep down his soul.

Mastered his metacognition,

trained it be blind about everything but his aspiration,

sleepless nights he engaged in introspection.

Standing in the maze of living he sensed being encaged in his dream

and that the only way he could break out of this was by achieving it and fulfilling his purpose.

Transfiguration of his life was to procure the dream and he was ready to pay for it with his life.

Orchestrated the tunes of his existence at his own will,

he knew a war couldn't be fought without spilling blood.

Deconstructed his life to hit his target and was ready to trade anything to fulfill his intent,

shattered the comfort zone and finally materialized his dream.

Infiltrating the deeper definition of life, he was out of the cage,

only to realize that he was in a more larger and stronger cage!

Embarking another pursuit of disengaging another dream he realized

that there's always a bigger cage waiting to be broken outside.

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