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Thijs Derks



Thijs Derks


This Human Race of Ours

This Human Race of Ours

2 mins

Flawless like a rose without its thorns.  

Painless like death without its mourns.  

Endless like a lake without its shore.  

Worthless like a nuke without its core.  

Why do people aim for achievement?  

When the end is the same for us all  

Why do people care for opinions?  

When their opinion rules over them all  

We can all see that it’s pointless  

Cause the proof is right there in our face  

Forever the race of obliviousness  

And always the race for first place  

How can two equals hate each other?  

Our minds are decaying and rot  

For all the hate we effortlessly generate  

Why is caring for another so tough?  

Feast your eyes on our world and wonder,  

why are we alone in this space and time?  

Here’s some thought for your brain in hunger,  

maybe we cause the outer worlds to hide  

You put faith in your twisted leaders  

And pray to your gods for the better times  

While you should be pulling your heads out of your asses,  

and start to think for yourself once in a while.  

Alienation is but a tale without the existence of an alien nation that you call a myth.  

Racism is non-existent when the race is non-existent to begin with.  

To believe or not is your own damn business,  

but don’t use religion to proof or dismiss  

the seriousness - of vaxing these kids,  

The key difference between poor and filthy rich.  

Calm or twitch. A friend or snitch.  

Please take your precious time to consider all of this.

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