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Shalini Ravi



Shalini Ravi


The Furry Angel

The Furry Angel

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Ever felt lonely?

Oh I know of an angel who can help you

You'll never have to eat alone

His puppy eyes will teach you to share.

You'll never hate waking up again

He'll lick your face every morning, and you know where he licked before.

You never have to sleep all alone

This guy will warm you up every winter night better than a blanket does.

You'll never have to pee alone ever again, cause he'll follow you everywhere you go.

You'll learn never to drop things, cause they'll never return they were before.

You can barely shush this guy.

He'll show u his belly, please don't rub it cause once it starts it's not gonna stop.

He's possessive as hell don't you come back to him smelling like the neighbor's pup.

You can be broken and shattered

This guy knows to miraculously heal you.

He'll put up a show

Tilt his head, wag his tail, complete it with a little lick, and now your his Gulam (slave) and it's not gonna change.

It's not your bed anymore, it's his and he's sharing it with you.

Your life is no more yours

This guy knows all your secrets.

His innocence will love your heart better than anyone else.

He'll complete you as a human, make you feel like a parent.

He'll teach you life, just listen, learn, and love.

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