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The Director's Cut

The Director's Cut

1 min 167 1 min 167

The breeze blew, as they were enjoying by watching the kids on the beach.

The earring of her was swinging softly, mobiles were screaming,

Still, no attention was given to them as time was meant, for each other.

The eyes were speaking, with no words.

The mind was consoling each other,

At times they fought like dogs, and immediately

they become an adoring pet.

Their love was like Mani Ratnam movies the words were less.

Their looks appeared to be the camera works of Rajiv Menon.

Their voice sounded, to be composed by AR. Rehman.

It was a legendary love story directed and produced by the couple.

After marriage the virus "I am" called ego infected the family.

Life has been spent, by living dangerously,

By swinging between a human and a zombie.

The remedy was within.

The virus can be destroyed, for the goodwill for everyone.

Unleash the innocent within you, to feast the ego.

Seal the fissure, before it flops your movie.

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