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Road Trip

Road Trip

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Let’s have a road trip of our own,

The kind of trip that movies are based on,

The kind that will give us numerous tales to be told,

The kind which can never go cold.

I mean, what do we really have to do?

We can survive on the food from the drive-through,

We won’t run out of things to talk,

Come on, it’s us, we are never the ones to baulk.

So, how about we make a plan?

Prepare, and for once, let it not go in vain,

We’ll load up on the drinks,

Maybe the road can help us form some special link?

When you’d get tired, I’ll drive,

In the metal box, we’ll thrive,

I’ll tell you about some new random place,

You can tease me all you want in this limited space.

I'll be your guide,

What I don't know, under some anonymous fact I'll hide,

I'll be the Kerouac,

We just might invent our own life-hack!

We'll stop at some unknown place,

Take a selfie with pout or quirky face,

And some of them will be uploaded,

Just so that others get jealous of our goals, get it?

I can already see us under the stars,

Lying on the hood of the car,

Don’t tell me it sounds tiresome!

If I decide to go, you’ll have to come,

As my travelling buddy or hostage,

I’m already feeling that we’ll have a lot of fun!

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