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Neha Shah Surati



Neha Shah Surati


Puzzle Of Life

Puzzle Of Life

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Your life is a puzzle and so is mine;

we try completing until we die.

Each piece is placed as per his plan,

it’s beyond the vision of an ordinary man.

The people I meet or the time that I spend,

the hidden secrets and the relationships I mend.

They mingle together in search of a missing piece,

To check if it strikes a match & fits with ease.

Sometimes we think that a piece really goes,

and sooner realise it just gives us woes;

Each piece that you think you pick,

Its actually God playing the trick.

Lost with the choices we have to make,

but amaze ourself by the chances we take.

Don’t you dare question his grand design,

He has set a unique solution to even mine.

And finally all these pieces will merge in one,

And that’s the point when life here is done.

Till then find the missing parts of the puzzle,

there are no extra pieces that make you struggle!

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