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Shreya Bansal



Shreya Bansal


Our Wonderful Teachers

Our Wonderful Teachers

1 min

To our lives who adds light?

Who teaches us what's wrong and right? 

God's greatest creature,

Is none other than a teacher?

On 5 September we celebrate teacher's day,

As it is Dr. Radhakrishnan's birthday.

We only honor our school teachers,

But forget to thank some important creatures.

Nature has many beautiful features,

Which are our amazing teachers?

They all teach us many lessons,

Which became great learning sessions.

When you see things becoming blurred,

Remember that caterpillar at the end of his world,

He teaches you to remain calm and patient,

And you might become a butterfly so elegant.

An ant teaches us what is unity,

And how to rightly perform a duty.

She might be tiny, but not a jerk,

She knows what is meant by hard work. 

A mountain teaches us to be firm,

Rain or sunlight, just remain stern.

A camel says "there's not always comfortable,

You should learn to cope even a desert."

A rose says "I am beautiful but I have thorns,

Because with every good bad is borne."

A spider says "they destroy my webs to clean it,

But can't destroy my determination and spirit."

For these amazing creatures of God,

We all should give applauds.

Thanks to you all,

For lessons big or small.

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