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Pradeep Varghese



Pradeep Varghese


Ode To Coroviruna

Ode To Coroviruna

2 mins

Virulent pathogens outbreak

Human life grinds to a stop

How and from where they come

Answers none definite

Lofty Humans mighty weapons for thy Beings foes who in their cranium never knew

None so to do away the fellow so nano

Forced by nature, look thou beings you endure this life

What for and why need this way to go

Turn around, stop n think

How mighty the fellow so nano

Fuzz to thine travel, activities none

Not for now. Stay put.

Antidotes fellow so nano, Humans clamour

Bustling roads once now deserted and forlorn 

Speed, honking, harrowing hunkering 

Errands pompous nasty shows

So nano, trick you master ever a magician or God worshiped for

Bombs hydrogen, weapons nuclear, flashy guns 

Beings loved to possess

Sad they don't do a thing to you nano fellow

Pile them up for your skins and bones, friend or fiend? 

Nano you fellow laughter shattering thy ears

Intelligent beings lofty goals and power

But do, but lacks, but care thy not

As ever will never be aware lurks thy

Beings fancy cares race, religion, superiority, color, power

For thy want to stand vanquished thou humans

Methods however whatever thou takes

Greater are thou wants and desires

Greed, power, lust avarice your ways

Nations, states, communities, parents 

Guilty you ought to. 

Just flow never thought, how you u must go forward

Brought to knees the fellow so nano

Super power, super rich, super intelligent, super you beings

Look how Shallow thou power, rich, intellect

How you dazzle with green notes, life to match

Some there others fools they follow match

Nano fellow you lovely where you been

Almighty obeisance, ever care to show up

Ever did eons gone by when

Ran across colossal tragedies struck ever

Wait, hear oh mortals, follow heed, testing times

Almighty's hand at work

Come around mortals mere, Goldly ways!

Gullibles ho you mindless imbecile beings

Nano fellow triumphs

Time will truth triumph we will know 

In the end

I now bow lowly to this nano my friend 

To show the right, turn around lest we lost forever

How colossal your greatness

Who they you are

Why for your namesake the gullible got astray by the contriving maggots

Some say god others by something else

Not never ever knew anyone

But faith lingers and prevails

In times of these

They prevail, yet again 

But how long?

For not nano coroviruna triumphs

Contest thou beings ever been

For goodness, truth triumphs 

March on alert alive ones

Humans rise, millenniums gone by

Will they ever change, need they

But I have trust in your mighty 

You nano fellow, virtuous be your end.

Cold n callous might your form and ways

Let my fellow beings learn to live human

I sign to for its time 

Ode to this fellow so nano

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