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Vishvadeep Jain



Vishvadeep Jain


"My Nation My Pride'

"My Nation My Pride'

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The nation is my honour.

The glory of the nation is mine.

It’s the nation where no colour matters.

The nation where no religion matters.

The nation full of diversity.

The nation where culture, varies every mile.

The nation, where the architecture describes its worth.

The nation where every single person is our family.

We are one...

We are the one.

Under the same tricolour, “Our Tiranga”.

We are the only “Golden Bird”.

We are the one, who fought for long for independence.

Many sacrificed their lives for the nation.

We are the only one, who chose the path of non-violence.

Yes, I am proud,

And we all should be proud,

That we are the citizens of a proud nation, “Our Bharat”.

The nation where every person chants, “Vande Mataram”!!

Yes, I am a proud as a citizen of, “Hindostan”!!

We are proud of our, “Aryavart”.

A salute to all the heroes who sacrificed.

Who got martyred for the sake of our nation.

Happy independence to all .......


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