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Murderer Of Mankind

Murderer Of Mankind

1 min

I wish I have an insight,

Into your mind, so savagely bright,

Perpetually generating thoughts so vindictive,

Does it never halt to get a bit introspective?!

How doesn't grief in your heart, fill,

After you've made another go still?!

How do you walk with a face so brave,

While remnants of your menace, lie unmoving in their grave?!

How doesn't your soul, for once, shiver,

On hearing the cries of anguish and fear?!

How does your conscience become a silent spectator,

When you don the hat of a ruthless destructor?!

How will you shield yourself,

From the curse of a mother,

When she sees her dead son,

Who was a target of your gun?!

From where shall a father,

All his courage gather,

To bury his young heir?!

Do you think it's fair?

Who will console the wife,

Stabbed with agony's knife,

On the death of her partner,

A victim of your slaughter?!

How will the children bear,

The loneliness and despair,

After losing their daddy forever,

'Cause of your fiendish behaviour?!

Oh you barbarically heartless monster!

By causing so much havoc and disaster,

You have lost the one and only trait,

Differentiating a human and its inhuman mate!

Blinded by animosity, deprived of humanity,

You fail to acknowledge the sad reality,

That if you kill even one of your kind,

You are no less than the murderer of mankind!!!

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