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Mr. Kind

Mr. Kind

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When I was a kid 

There’s a thing I did

 I planted a tree 

To get some fruits for free 

I named it Mr. Kind And loved it so blind 

Every evening we used to meet 

Played around and greet 

Upon its branches I did hung 

Cherished its fruits with my tongue 

From cycle to motor car I grew up like a star 

I grew older and became a champion

 Among the new friends, I forgot an old companion 

Hues of canvas changed with season 

Interests changed without any reason

 I’m rich, I’m smart, I’m young and wild 

With new blood line, I’m not that child 

Time passed and years gone by

 Feel lonely, alone – I don’t know why?

 Came the old age with lots of pain 

Dragging the guilt of loss with a bound chain

 Dragging the chain, I stand with heavy chest 

At a place where I once did left 

The leaves, the fruits, the branches all withered 

Of the tree that once stood with all its strength 

Saw me and smiled like always, 

Mr. Kind Love and compassion he had in mind 

My leaves have faded, can’t give you shadow 

My branches not strong but good enough to build a condo 

My fruits all dried I’m old and fried 

But you can rest for long 

I was waiting for you since that last song 

You left me untold 

All alone, blue and so cold 

Listening his story, tears dropped from my eye

 Feeling the guilt, my heart sobbed at a pitch so high 

Apologized for mistake and promised this time 

To never leave the loved one for money and wine 

With all love in heart he opened his arms 

Grabbed me in the warmth of his heavenly charms 

Meeting him again in the dark days of our lives 

I understood the actual meaning of these lines 

Love is pure, forever and kind

 It holds no lies or unfaithful mind.

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